Monday, April 30, 2012

Rocking Your World Monday - week 17

So I'm officially giving up on the 'posting RYWF on a Friday' thang....I just don't seem to be able to do it!  I'm always too busy on a Friday both at work and at home in the evening.

And the weekends are a no no - so from now on I'm going to aim for Mondays....which may occasionally slip to Tuesdays or Wednesdays :)

I hope Virginia doesn't kick me out of the club :)

So anyway - all that said and excuses made, I don't really have much to write about for week 17, as after the excesses and excitement of the previous week, we had a few chilled days to recover :)

Not that I'm complaining, mind you, it's been a lovely relaxing week.  And that most certainly rocks my world as I don't do the 'R' word very often :)

Starting on Saturday, the weather started off really nicely, so the boys were playing out from early in the morning until mid afternoon.  Ah, the peace and quiet!  That meant that Jay and I could put our feet up and watch what WE wanted to watch on the telly for once.  No Disney Channel or Nickelodeon - hooray!!!  What we ended up watching - a marathon of Come Dine With Me episodes - probably wasn't much more intellectually stimulating, mind :D

The kids came home at about 3pm having suddenly realised that they hadn't had lunch and were therefore instantly ravenous.  So we decided to make a third attempt at a meal at the new Harvester.  I call it the new Harvester, but really it's a couple of years old, it's just that it's usually so incredibly busy that we've never managed to actually get in there before.  But being an odd time, halfway between lunch and dinner, we actually succeeded this time.  Hooray!  And dinner was delish!

And not only was the food good, but the decor was really cool, with framed leaf collages all over.  They were lovely and now I want to make a wall of leaf pictures of my own :)  Will add it to the never ending list....

On Sunday I got my head down and finished the sample pages for my stencil tutorial for the Art Journey course over at UKScrappers.  I'm kind of glad that that's my last contribution to the course, as they take up a lot of my time - but on the other hand, doing the tutes did give me a good excuse/nudge to work in my journal....

I'll blog the pages properly when the tutorial goes live on Wednesday.

Oh and we also baked our Herman cake.  He started off ten days before as this rather unappetising looking, and not too sweet smelling, bubbling bowl of primeval goop:

But ended up as a very delicious, very fruity, spicy and all round yummy cake.  Or rather cakes.  We filled four of these loaf tins:

I can highly recommend taking a Herman mix home if you are ever offered one.  Despite the fact they look and smell like a swamp :)

the magazine - Very Nearly Almost
And that's about all I have to report this week - the remainder of the week was back to work, fairly tiring (especially the 6 hours of driving in the pouring rain on Friday, no fun), and therefore I did very little in the evenings other than tuck up in bed with either a magazine or back episodes of Eureka! on my laptop (love that programme :) )

the TV show - Eureka
Now my batteries are recharged and I'm all ready for week 18.

Which hopefully I'll blog next Friday Monday ;)

See you then!

Now I had best go and link this up at RYWF central and go and see what the other Rockettes have been up to....


SusieJ said...

Not a bad week all in all Sarah.....used to love "Eureka"..then it went a bit weird and suddenly stopped mid-series..very odd.
Like the look of that cake..I've made s'thing similar in the past..well, it looks similar at the "gross, smelly...yeasty stage!!
WTG on finally getting in to the Harvester!!
Boo to six hours driving on Friday!
Hope this week is going well.
Hugs xx

Carmen Wing said...

Ack, I very rarely manage to post on Friday - as long as we do it and find some good stuff then I reckon Virginia will put up with us :P Though she might be saying naughty words her side of the screen :D :D

Sounds like a good week, reckon I was lounging watching that same Come Dine With Me marathon ;)

Have a good rest of the week ;)

Luna Art said...

A relaxing week for you...I don't think I've read a relaxing post from you before, you always seem to have so much on!! Glad you could just chill out!
That Herman cake looks interesting, not heard of it before.
Looking forward to seeing your stencil tutorial!
Hope you have a great week x

Virginia said...

Hi Sarah - I've already told you - you can post any time you've got chance to put type to screen (it used to be good old pen to paper didn't it - not sure type to screen has the same ring to it)! Glad you managed some rest - awesome stuff! Loving the leaf pictures too, glad you finally got into the Harvester - mind you, you were probably starving after a marathon run of Come Dine with Me - LOL!

The cake looks awesome - never heard of a Herman cake before - where on earth did you learn about that.

Glad you managed some journalling time, I could do with some of that, just not had time and now I'm poorly - boo hiss! Attack of the vertigo again, although I've found if I keep my head really really still the screen doesn't wobble around as much!

Hope you are having a great day


Unknown said...

I love your just go for it. I like that a lot.