Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday Tuesday - week 15

Rocking Your World … Tuesday?

Oh dear oh dear oh dear, I’m a bad Rockette.  A bad blogger all round, actually, it’s been very quiet here recently other than my Project 366 updates.  Must try harder.

I was wondering it’s worth me doing this RYWF post 4 days late, as before I know it it will be time to do another one – but then I’ll end up with two weeks’ worth of documenting to do at once which will take forever, and I might forget stuff - so come on, let’s have a quick whizz through week 15:

So we start with the Easter weekend – an extra long weekend off work would rock anyone’s world, amirite??  Especially since for me it was the start of a 6 day break – woohoo :)

We managed to be lucky with the weather over Easter – so that’s definitely something I’m grateful for – it wasn’t perfect, but it was always good enough for where we were and what we wanted to do – no plans were disrupted.  You can’t ask for much more than that in England in April.

On Good Friday we all piled over to Jay’s house – first time I’ve been there in yonks as he always comes to mine as it’s just easier to be in Swindon at the weekends during the hockey season.  He had a three year old Canucks game (NHL ice hockey) on his TV recorder which I hadn’t seen before.  It was so cool seeing our old players again and hearing the announcers make endless jokes about Willie Mitchell’s big stick, it really took me back!  I really enjoyed watching it – definitely a lot more fun than watching Vancouver play over the past few days – but the less said about that the better – this is supposed to be a happy post!!

After the game we went to visit Jay’s nan and gramps – and admired his nan’s impressive collection of decorative teapots (the photo only shows about a quarter of them!).  My grandparents in law (ish) are lovely – I don’t have any of my own as my last surviving grandparent died when I was six – so it’s nice to be able to adopt someone else’s :)

On the Saturday, Connor went to his dad’s so Reece and I spent the afternoon making ATC backgrounds on canvas – Reece really enjoys arty stuff and it’s nice for me to have someone to splash paint around with :)  We haven’t yet finished our ATCs off but I’ll be sure to share them on here when we do.

And then it was playoff hockey time!  Which gave us a good excuse to wear silly hats! Yay!  (Sadly we lost – sob – but the hat wearing was fun regardless)

So that’s it – no more Swindon hockey until September – I’ll miss it, I always do – but the plus point of that is that without a 5 o’clock game to rush home for every Saturday, we can start doing more at the weekends and having big days out.  Hooray!

Another thing that put a big smile on my face this week was the release of Instagram for Android – at last!  This was the one app that had really made me envious of my iPhone wielding pals.  Within 3 hours of release I had it installed on my trusty Droid, and now, as you can see from the sudden abundance of square photos on my blog,  I’m instagramming everything in sight! :D

Here are my published pics so far.  If any of you out there are fellow IG-ers, please let me know your name on there so I can follow you – I’m ‘floroo17’

On Easter Sunday we had a brilliant day – we went down to glorious Dorset to see Jay’s mum and to meet her gorgeous new puppy, Reg.  He is a “toodle”, which is a cross between a Tibetan something-or-other and a poodle.  Isn’t he gorgeous!  He’s difficult to photograph though, because of all that black fur.

The weather forecast had been rotten, and we drove through some pretty dreary weather on the way down, but when we got to the coast the sun came out :)

We took Reg down to the beach for a walk (ma-in-law is lucky enough to live in beautiful Lulworth Cove, just a few 100 yards from the beach), where he had fun digging holes in the sand, and then we all drove to Portland Bill to see the famous lighthouse.

Climbing to the top of a lighthouse was one of our 101 family goals, so today we got to tick another goal off the list – 32 down, 69 to go!

Back in Lulworth, we met another new addition to the family – Jay’s baby niece Sofia – so cute!  New babies and puppies all in one day – squeeee!

Tuesday 10th was the first of my two extra days off work.  It was my eldest son’s 22nd birthday – boy that makes me feel old!  He had a bunch of mates round so Connor and I vacated the premises to give them some space, and we went down to London to visit my dad.  Lots of relative visiting this Easter!

Before we got to my dad’s house though we popped up to Chelsea (we’re gert posh we are :) ) and visited the National Army Museum (guns! For Connor) and the Saatchi Gallery (art! For me :) ).  Luckily I enjoyed the museum too and Connor enjoyed the gallery, so neither of us had to suffer through the other’s choice.

The exhibition at the Saatchi – “Gesamtkunstwerk: new art from Germany” – was absolutely brilliant – and I was just about to recommend you all go to see it but according to their website it has now finished :(  We must have caught it in its last few days – very lucky!

We got back to my dad’s at about 4 ish, and spent some time at his house before ambling round the corner to the Hungry Horse pub where we had a slap up dinner.  And I went home with a bootful of National Geographic magazines – some of them older than me – which my dad gave me.  They are fantastic.  Not sure where I’m going to keep them all, mind.

All in all a fab day.

On Wednesday we had one of those rare days where we had nothing to do - no work, no visits planned, no obligations.  Nice.  I spent the whole day making stuff.  Or at least starting to make stuff.  I didn't finish anything but I started lots and had fun in the process.

And that just about wraps up the week.  It was a busy one :)

I'd better shoot off to Virginia's blog to link this up before next week's post goes up and I miss my chance!

Have fun all, it'll soon be Friday again! :)


SusieJ said...

Oh, my...what a great week! You've posted, which is more than I've done!
Hugs xx

Luna Art said...

I don't know how you get everything done! A lovely post this week with lots of family visits...that puppy is cute!
I have never heard of the instagram thingy but then my poor old phone is nearly 4 years old and its not smart nor does it sport a apple!
The lighthouse looks great, the kids and me climbed to the top of St Catherines lighthouse a couple of years ago, the talk on the way up was fascinating and the view from the top spectacular.
It sounds like a really busy fun filled week you have had! x

Virginia said...

Wow it's a good job you posted now - how much have you done in that time - I'm feeling shattered just reading everything! I'm glad you had such a good Easter and never ever worry about posting late - sometimes life just gets in the way!


Sue said...

Sounds like a pretty good week to me:)

Carmen Wing said...

Wow, wow, wow! I'm exhausted reading this!

I love that picture of Reg. He looks very Carmen Miranda-esque with that spikey plant coming out of the top of his head. He looks a right character.

Love the museum and gallery pics, good timing getting there.

I'm always very jealous of the apps on android/ipones but I am such a klutz with phones I could never have one. Just last week I left mine on the wall outside the school! Lucky I only have cheap as chips moblys now! May save for an iPod as Devvie seems to get quite a lot of the apps on hers.

Brilliant reading this post, am glad you didn't wait!

Marit said...

Sounds like you had a fun week Sarah! I'm sure you will have fun with those NG's - I have a whole bunch of them too and they keep on inspiring me (I flip through for inspiration, cut bits and pieces and so on).

Lorraine said...

very busy week..particulary like that german art exhibition and so glad you have you got to share your love of art making those backgrounds for ATCs