Monday, April 23, 2012

my iHanna postcard swap goodies plus more lovely mailart!

You might remember, a month and a bit ago - I signed up to take part in iHanna's annual mail art swap.

I shared my little pile of outgoing postcards here - now it's time to show you all the lovely stuff I got in return!

Up top, top left: a lovely large format postcard, painted and stitched, from Elin in Sweden

Top right: a fantastic reduction print card from my good pal TJ in the US of A - she also sent me a ton of ice hockey related goodies because she is lovely!

Bottom right: a gorgeous handpainted card from Holly Ann in the US - and with it, shown here to the left, a bonus card from her 6 year old daughter :)

Next lot - top left: "born to craft" - sounds good to me :) from Anne in the US

Top right: a super cute collage from Diane in the US - love that cheerful little raindrop! :)

Bottom left: a riot of colour from Denice - another one in America where most of my cards came from - love the bold black lines making the colours pop

Bottom right: a lovely fine line drawing by Ursula in Croatia - that little town looks really inviting

Last lot from the iHanna swap - I was very lucky and got all 10 cards back

On the left: a fantastic ink and watercolour sketch by Fanie in Montreal, Canada.  I had actually spotted this "friendly tree" on Fanie's blog before the cards were all mailed out and had coveted this particular card in a comment there - so when she drew my address she was kind enough to send him to me :)

Top right: a card from our swap hostess herself, iHanna in Sweden - a cool collection of stamps on a "meta postcard"

Bottom right: such a cute, happy whale :) from Lis in the States

And last but certainly not least, this gorgeous beeswaxed postcard from Lorraine wasn't part of the iHanna swap at all, but I thought I'd share it on this post as it landed on my doorstep this weekend, and I love it!

Hopefully I'll have more mail art to share soon....


SusieJ said...

Ooh, some gorgeous, gorgeous mail art there Sarah. Love them all.
So pleased you got all 10 back too. I've participated in swaps so now how sometimes that doesn't happen.
Hugs xx

Carmen Wing said...

Wow! What a varied and gorgeous collection! It's like flicking through one of those books of people's sketchbook pages but actually having and getting to keep the real thing. Fabulous!

Sue said...

Lucky girl you!!

Shirley said...

Loving all these.
A really new art form to me but I did my first ones at the weekend and hopeing to do loads more!