Saturday, April 07, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday week 14

I'm running a bit late this week - Easter has thrown me off course - but let's pretend it's still Good Friday for the purpose of this post....

So what has rocked my little corner of the world this week?

First of all - Darby coming home for the weekend - I was expecting him on Saturday but be turned up early on Friday night which was a lovely surprise.  Great to have him around, if only for a short while.

We had a super chilled day on Saturday, usually we are rushing around all the time (which suits me just fine as I love to be kept busy) but every once in a while it's nice to have a real do nothing day.  We did go to our usual hockey game in the evening but other than that, it was just a day of TV, playing Draw Something and sitting around chatting.

On Sunday I was a bit busier - I dropped Darby back home to Bristol in the morning, and then we headed off to Bracknell for the afternoon.  We took the boys to the Coral Reef swimming pool, which is absolutely brilliant, more like an indoor water park than a traditional pool, with loads of slides, a lazy river, etc.  They didn't want to get out!

While the kiddies swam I carried on with the sketch of Cabot Tower in Bristol that I started a few weeks back in situ.  It was nice to just it and draw away while watching the lads splash around and have fun.

After swimming we went on to the Bracknell rink to see our local team take on the Bracknell Bees in the last game of our regular season.  Away games are always fun, especially when we win!  (and we did - 7-3 - although I felt a little guilty by proxy as we didn't really need to win this game having got through to the playoffs already, but Bracknell did, and we finished their season for them.  Sorry Bees! better luck next year!)

I was on a bit of a roll with my Cabot Tower drawing after not quite finishing it at swimming, so I whipped out my watercolour paints during both the period breaks at the hockey game and finished it off there.  I've never painted at a rink before, it was fun, although I did get some funny looks :D  And here it is done:
I'm quite pleased with it, it's actually recognisable! :D

Monday morning was the start of the Easter holidays.  Unfortunately I still had to go to work all this week, boo (well, except Good Friday) - but one thing I do really enjoy about the holidays is I get to spend a little extra time with my 9 year old as his holiday club is in the town where I work - around 25 minutes from home - and it's great to have his company on the drive.  On Monday morning we were both a little tired, so he decided he would be DJ Connor and he played a special "wake up mix" from his iPod.  The highlight for me was the segue from AC/DC's Highway to Hell into Larger Than Life by the Backstreet Boys :)  Real 'turn it up loud and sing your heart out' stuff - it certainly did the trick of waking us both up and delivered me to work with a big smile on my face :)

The rest of the week was mainly getting my head down, and getting all my work done so I can have a couple of days off after Easter, not much else to report, so I'll wrap this up now and pop over to Virginia's blog to link this up....

I hope everyone has a lovely Easter, with all the chocolate you can eat, and some :)


Luna Art said...

I always love reading your rocking posts, you always seem to get so much done in your week!
Must have been lovely to have your son home for the weekend, I bet you miss him like crazy while hes at uni.
That swimming pool looks fantastic, we dont have anything like that on the Island, and half of our 'normal' swimming pools were shut last year due to the council cuts :(
Your painting of Cabot Tower is wonderful and you are so brave painting in public!
I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend x

Marit said...

Happy Easter (and extra free) days Sarah! Love your post - especially 'from AC/DC to Backstreetboys.' grin!

Joanna said...

Happy Rocking post! Your Cabot Tower sketch is fantastic, although I can imagine the looks you were getting at the rink ;D

Wishing you and yours a happy Easter break. DJ Connor, crank up the AC/DC-Backstreet Boys again!


Carmen Wing said...

Another fabulous post. Your painting is amazing! I haven't been brave enough to draw in public yet :D

That swimming pool looks so much fun, even to someone who can't swim :P

Loved reading this, have another great week Sarah :)

Virginia said...

Your painting is awesome - an extra day with your son is fantastic, days out in the swimming pool and finishing your painting at the ice rink - genius I love it!

I hope you've had another great week!