Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rocking Your World {insert random day of week here} - week 16

I really am getting slack when it comes to posting my RYWF posts anywhere close to on time, aren't I?

But at least this week I had a good excuse, because last Friday was my birthday :)  and I was accordingly rather busy!

But before we get to the birthday celebrations, there were plenty of other reasons to be cheerful:

To kick off the week, last Saturday we went to wonderful Brighton beach.

I haven't been to Brighton in about ten years, and Jay, Reece and Connor had never been, so it was a real treat for all of us.

Such a brilliant place with a lovely artsy vibe to it.

We had a fantastic day from start to finish, including a stroll along the pier, a ride on the little beach train, crazy golf, visiting a cool street-art gallery plus a painted up yard, the pavillion, the artists' beach.   Loved it.  I'm not going to leave it another ten years before I go back!

My favourite pics from the day (sorry, photo overload!):

ha ha - Connor wasn't overly chuffed to be the mermaid!

...and I don't think Jay was much happier about being my groom! :D

The next day we went out geocaching for the first time in ages - really enjoyed it!  Must get back into it properly once the weather settles down....

We found this monster of a cache, plus a couple of littler ones.

We also found a stone circle!

I know it's not QUITE as impressive as Stonehenge, but I thought it was pretty cool all the same... :)

After lunch we took a wander through town in search of a new graffiti mural we had heard had gone up the previous weekend.

And we found it, and it didn't disappoint, it was a collaboration between 8 or so artists, around a 'baby superheroes' theme.  Very cute :)

The week flew by as I was busy at work trying to get 5 days worth of stuff done in 4, so that I could take the Friday off guilt free.

Also middle son Darby was home again for a couple of days so as ever it was lovely to have his company in the evenings.

And so, before I knew it it was my birthday! yay!

(Let's not discuss the actual number, shall we? eeek, getting old!!!)

First up - PRESSIES :) :) :)

I had asked Jay for a Kipling carry case for my laptop - it's the one with the monkey key chain on it, I said....this is what he gave me to unwrap first.....

Not quite what I had in mind!! :D

So here are my real presents:

including the real Kipling bag :)  plus tons of other fab stuff - a signed Chicago Wolves jersey with glow-in-the-dark eyes, 2 ace books, a Kesler teddy, and a travel bug for my car.  I am thoroughly spoilt :)

Next we headed to my favourite tattoo studio to book an appointment for me to get some new ink - exciting!!!  Am booked in for August this space :)

Then I popped into the craft shop next door to the tattooist (would have been rude not to etc etc) and spent some of my birthday money - look at all my yummy goodies!

Next stop was Frankie and Bennys for some (delicious) lunch, and then we went to the movies to see The Cabin In The Woods....

....which was flipping BRILLIANT!!!!   Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, you must!  Joss Whedon has never let me down :)

Last stop for my superb whistle stop birthday was a trip to the local theatre to see stand up comedian Stewart Francis.

He was really funny, and we had great seats (2nd row - almost too close to a stand up as you spend the whole time worried you might get picked on, but thankfully we didn't :D)

I hit the sack that night exhausted but very smiley :)

So that was my week was yours?

I'd better go and link this up over at chief Rockette Virginia's blog and tomorrow I'll have a good nose to see what everyone else has been up to ....


Antonia said...

Looks like you had a fabulous week! Brighton seems fantastic - I shall have to plan a trip there soon. Loved the joke bag hehe :)

Virginia said...

What can I say but wow - what an awesome week you've had - your birthday sounds fantastic! Loving the graffiti mural - awesome stuff, geocaching looks fun too, also loving the photo opportunity on the promenade - that made me giggle! Loving your birthday presents, the graffiti one looks really interesting, you'll have to let us know how it is. Haven't heard of the film, but will ask hubby about it later, he usually knows about all the new releases bless him!

Hope you continue to have a fabulous week


Luna Art said...

Another jam packed week, I don't know how you fit it all in! Belated happy birthday wishes to you-loved the joke bag! All your photos from Brighton look that your instathingy app??!
The graffiti mural is amazing, such talent.
Have a fab week x

Carmen Wing said...

You take the most amazing photos. That one of the merry go round and the clouds. Wow. We have a nudist beach here, when I was a 'beach cleansing operative' (picked up everyone's crap) I had to do that beach. Amazing how many wrinkly fat old men suddenly had the urge to get up and stretch, go for a wander when someone fully clothed walks onto the beach :P

Lovely birthday haul, had a laugh at Krapling! :D I'm reading Water, Paper, Paint at the mo!

Can't wait to see that film but will have to be patient till the dvd comes out :P

What a week! Again!

SusieJ said...

Wow!! What a fabulous week!!
Amazing photos of Brighton..really love the carousel and the clouds.
Awesome haul of b'day pressies.
And I am totally jealous of your steampunk stash...the craft shop must be a really, really good one!
Hope this week is being as good to you.
Hugs xx

Psychodiva said...

Awesome photos on there Sarah! and I have never found a cache that big yet!!!

Gotta Love Jay's sense of humour on the pressies :D well done him.

Shelley Malone said...

WHOA that sounds like an awesome week! I saw that movie last week and couldn't stop giggling after I left the theatre. Definitely going to have to see it again sometime! But wait - stand up comedy, AND a shopping spree, AND pics of a merry-go-round?


Happy belated birthday!!