Monday, July 16, 2012

Are you sitting down....?

....because I'm about to post something that is neither ICAD nor RYWF related....shock!

So here is an update on how my Collabor-ART Pair Journal is coming along

This is the shared art journal that I am working on along with Shirley (Done At Last)

I love my book already :) :)  and we are barely getting started!

This is my second round working in my own journal

First of all, I tweaked my original first page as it looked a bit plain, by adding some little label stickers that I had "splatted" on with distress stains:

Next another minor tweak, this time adding a bit of black outlining and an orange harlequin pattern to Shirley's "eye for colour" page:

Then I added straw blown seaweed and a school of fish to one of Shirley's gorgeous backgrounds:

Next, this photo of two geishas paddling is from the 1920s and has been sat in my collage pile for a while waiting for the perfect time to use it, I love it:

And last up, the beginnings of a page for Shirley to run with:

Next I get a second turn in Shirley's own book, can't wait to see what she has done to it this time around....


Virginia said...

I love it - it's so vibrant and positive! Fabulous stuff

Luna Art said...

Fantastic bright colours and I love all the collage images x

Tessa said...

Wow... really gorgeous, love this colorfull project!

xx Tessa

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

amazing art work - love it. jenx

Natasha said...

Oh my freaking gosh!! Love this. LOVE.

Sabrina said...

Great colors, and I love how you two work off of each other. The seaweed looks fantastic!