Friday, July 20, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday week 29

For once, this is going to be a fairly short and sweet post as, well, not a lot has really happened this week

It's not been a bad week by any means, perfectly pleasant, just a bumbling along doing not much out of the ordinary I've not so much had my world rocked, more like gently swayed :)

Although it did start off with a little bit of excitement as one of my favourite authors (the one I mentioned in my last RYWF post) came to Swindon to do a book signing - and I was at the front of the queue :)

I made a right prat of myself, as I got all fan girl stupid and ran my mouth off, shades of every other time I have met any of my 'idols', I never know how to rein it in :)

So yes, here is Jasper Fforde being very understanding of the crazy woman and signing my book - it says "for Sarah from Swindon, who would love to be the next Thursday Next" - squeeee!

And I got a postcard too (to add to my other Nextian universe postcards - yes I have a few, shoot me - and no, I won't be postcrossing them any time soon :) )

The rest of the weekend was pretty chilled, the weather was pants so we mainly stayed indoors, watched TV, played with the cat, did arty stuffs.  That was nice.  We usually dash about a lot at the weekends which is great fun but it's so nice to have some relaxing down time once in a while.

We did finally leave the house on Sunday afternoon, to head to the local bowling alley with some of our Tesco Clubcard vouchers.  As ever, they saved us a fortune - two short games for the 4 of us would have cost £36 if we were paying cash - ouch!  So thanks yet again Mr Tesco!

True to form I was fairly rubbish at bowling, didn't get a single strike, and the only half decent shots I did get had bounced off the guardrail so didn't really count as they should have been in the gutter :) but it was still a lot of fun.

Jay huffed and puffed when I made the whole family pose for this pic:
He doesn't appreciate that I used to scrapbook, and an ex-scrapbooker can't resist that kind of photo opportunity! :)

And then fast forward to Wednesday, a day for celebrating as it was Connor's 10th birthday!  Poor kid still had to go to school as unlike some parts of the UK, Swindon hasn't broken up yet, but he did have a fun party in the evening.

Along with four of his incredibly hyper and noisy pals we first went to the pictures to see The Amazing Spider-Man (yup, I've seen it before, but they hadn't - at least I got my ticket free via Orange Wednesday :) ) - and then on to Pizza Hut where the kids were so noisy and cheeky that I am amazed we didn't get kicked out :)  Especially when they somehow managed to break the ice cream machine and spray it everywhere.  And I mean EVERYWHERE!  I swear some of it went in the salad :)  (the nice waiter did assure me, as I apologised profusely, that it has been known to do that before and he didn't think that the kids fighting over who got to use the ice cream tap first was to blame!)

It was pretty late by the time the cake came out for happy birthday singing and candle blowing - which is why the kids all look exhausted in this photo - I promise they were really having fun despite appearances! honest :)

And that's about it for this week.  The rest of the week has been the normal work, home, ICAD, sleep routine.

So my last grateful this week is for the occasional quiet week that means my RYWF post is manageable in size and I can actually get it done on a Friday morning for once! :)

I'm off to link this up at Rockette Central, and give Virginia a shock when she sees my name so far up the list :)


Carmen Wing said...

That party sounds manic but fun :) Love Pizza Hut - haven't been since Ruby was a bubba but she has asked for her birthday dinner to be there so we'll be going in September! Hurrah!

Ours don't break up till today and am soooo ready for it! No more traipsing up and down that road to school every day! Yay!

Chillaxing is definitely a huge positive and am still amused at the expression on Jasper Fforde's face!

Have a lovely week Sarah x

Sarah said...

that was either his "help, this woman is bonkers" face, or he's doing his best Klingon impression :)

misteejay said...

The schools round here didn't break-up until today - in fact, over the last two weeks it seems like most of the schools have been trying to fit in some last minute trips - the morning commutes have been a nightmare.

Hope you have a fab weekend.

Toni xx

laurie said...

i think authors are the most fabulous celebrities - glad you got to see one of your favorites. and a rainy weekend spent inside relaxing sounds wonderful but i will have to wait awhile for one of those around here!!!

Virginia said...

I'm sure I left a message - but I'll leave another, your relaxed week looks ultra busy. Loving the photo of Jasper Fforde - and that look!

Bowling looks fun and those photos are a must!

Spiderman looked fun too and I had to laugh at the ice cream comment - bless! Hope your son had a great birthday.


Antonia said...

'Gentle swaying' weeks are indeed wonderful sometimes too :) £36 for blowling - eesh - thank you Mr Tesco indeed!!!

PS love the pic of the 'happy kids' haha :)


Hurrah for bargains and Jasper Fforde, just reading the latest Thursday Next (left it in Coventry and am in Scotland until Tuesday grrrrrrrrrrrrr).

Joanna said...

Sounds like the party was lots of fun - although I have to admit that I'm glad I wasn't at the next table!!

The expression on Jasper Fforde's face says it all, hahahahaha!

I'm rubbish at bowling too, but it's such a laugh (esp when you're not paying £36!).


Luna Art said...

Your calm week is still filled to the brim!!
Love the expression on Jasper Ffordes face...he looks highly amused at you!
The birthday party looks great fun, love the photo of the kids posing!!
I try not to go bowling with my hubby as he plays in a bowling league and I am rubbish at bowling!!
Hope you have a great week x

The Scrapbook Lady UK said...

Great photos. I love the one of the shoes! What a week. The author photo is cool! jenx

Unknown said...

I get such a kick out of your family. Swaying is good. I like swaying!