Monday, July 30, 2012

Seems like ages since I last did a Circle Journal entry....

... and it certainly makes a nice change from Index Cards :)

This is my entry in Liz's Rock CJ - her theme was "your ultimate feel-good rock song" or the song that makes you feel like a total bad ass

Now, I'm not convinced I ever get particularly bad ass, but I can do the feel-good bit :)

There is one song on earth that is guaranteed to make me sing along and smile, and that's Tribute by Tenacious D.  Connor has it on his phone ready to play to me if I'm ever in a sad or bad mood, works like a charm every single time :)

And it's the "we are but men, ROCK!!!" bit that really works the magic

So that's what I went with:

Liz's book is a kiddies board book, which was fun to work in, but that did mean that all our entries had to be pretty flat, no embellishments, and in addition she asked for us to draw/paint our own entries as much as possible

So instead of collaging in Mr Grohl as the Devil, I drew him and coloured him in with watercolours.

It was tough!! and I don't think the result looks much like him :)  But I'm still pleased I gave it a go.  I hope Liz likes it.

This almost concludes my participation in this CJ - but I have one entry to re-do, as Clare's colours journal (the one I did this for)  has sadly gone walkies.... I think I'll pick a different colour this time around rather than just reproduce what I did before .  After that, I'm all done and dusted.


Virginia said...

Wow - that is awesome - lovely the picture - you've done an amazing job and I think it looks just like him!

Carmen Wing said...

That is a fantastic painting! Love the pages too.

Sorry to read that a CJ has gone walkies, never nice :(

p.s thanks for your comments over at mine. I adore that film and had to laugh at the thought of you walking down the aisle to Bob Ross but I know what you mean, I love that video!

Paul B said...

Wow This is such a fantastic page. Very inspirational. I love badass design and it's how I want my pages to turn out, so this is great to see. Especially like the flame doodles, I'm definitely going to try those out! And thank you for your comments on my blog :) I'm loving the journey of art journals but like most new ventures, it's a little frustrating trying to run before I can walk lol. I will eventually find the way that works for me. Sorry that people were critical of your earlier work. Can't see anything wrong in adding photos or text etc. So what if you call yourself an art journaller and add something similar to scrapbooking? There's no rules here as I understand it. However thanks for the warning lol. I've a hide of a rhino and no one can pick what I do apart better than me. So bring it on haha. Even if I don't leave lots of comments, I am a huge fan of your blog since finding it. I lap it all up. Pxx

Antonia said...

Awesome! You were up late last night/ early this morning ;)