Friday, July 20, 2012

Index Card A Day week 7

the "Tatty Wall", week 7
Well, we're on the home stretch now!

The tatty wall is almost full to bursting, and there's only one week (well, 11 days really as I'm going through to the end of July) left to go.

This week is the first one I've struggled a little with, not with finding the time to make something, it's more that I feel like I'm running out of ideas, or getting too repetitive... and also that it's not leaving me any time to do anything else!

It's almost starting to feel like a chore and that's never good. Although I'm glad it took 7 weeks for me to get to that stage and not 2 :)

When this is all over, I'm hoping to keep up the daily creative time, but to vary what I do - so a journal page one day, an ATC the next, mail art the next, maybe a bit of fabric work the next etc.  No more index cards for a while :)

So anyway, here we go - and despite what I've just said, this first one wasn't a struggle at all, I thoroughly enjoyed drawing/painting my Friday 13th dude in honour of the date :)

Day 43 - Friday 13th July - Jason Vorhees

Day 44 - Saturday 14th - prompt: owl (and wholesale stealing Sue Roddis's idea with the sheets of letraset letter rub ons in the background)

Day 45 - Sunday 15th - no prompt or real reason for this one, I just loved this image I found in an old magazine 

Day 46 - Monday 16th - EDM prompt #2 , draw a lamp - couldn't get the proportions right at all on the lampshade bit, which annoyed me!

Day 47 - Tuesday 17th - prompt: graffiti - a super quickie using a "SARAH" design I found on't web, as I was busy tonight getting ready for Connor's birthday tomorrow

Day 48 - Wednesday 18th - made with my brand new stencil (the red spots) which came in the post this morning as a present from the lovely Shirley

Day 49 - Thursday 19th - "Look On" by John Frusciante for song lyrics Thursday

See you at the end of the month, for the final wrap up!


Natasha said...

Love all these cards, but the last one is hauntingly wonderful. :)

Virginia said...

OH I love all of these, I don't think any look similar but I think I too would be flagging a little by now!

Andria said...

These are great. Well, the first one's a little creepy, but...I really like the elephant image, and the last one with all the knots is awesome!

Daisy Yellow said...

The last card is fabulous, so intriguing. And I am so happy you are doing EDM too! We are all quite busy creative campers, and that's the key. I float from thing to thing, but it's all good creative fun.

Dianne said...

amazing cards, and your wall totally rocks! I love the idea of putting them up for inspiration...

Paul B said...

Brilliant take on the EDM 2 prompt. And I love your blog. Have just been looking at your lovely artwork. Very inspiring. Have become one of your followers so that I don't miss your future posts :) Thank you also for your lovely comment on my blog. Now I need to discipline myself to draw a lamp. Px

Unknown said...

you made be tired of them, but they are amazing! They look so great on the wall. I am sure that after it is over and some time goes by you will love them again.