Thursday, July 12, 2012

Index Card A Day week 6

I'm guessing that you're all getting a bit bored of seeing these index cards by now!

But tough :) I am determined to stick this project out to the end - I haven't skipped a day yet - go me!

So that's what the tatty wall looks like three quarters of the way through.  ^

And here are my cards for week 6 (only 6 of them as I showed 8 last week)

Day 37 - I went to a derby bout earlier the same day so was all inspired to do a RD themed ICAD

Day 38 - this was going to be the background for a more complex card, but I was so tired, and I liked the splats a lot, so I just left it as it was

Day 39 - my homage to Robert Rauschenberg

Day 40 - a sticker mosaic

Day 41 - following the first EDM drawing prompt - "draw your shoes" - this took ages but I am pleased with the end result
Day 42 - for song lyric Thursday - Good God by Korn


Virginia said...

Sarah how on earth could you think that we'd be bored looking at this fabulous artwork, I was giddy when I saw you'd posted some more they are absolutely fantastic - is it an ongoing challenge (noting that you're on day 42 so obviously now a month challenge LOL).

Sarah said...

glad you're not fed up of them yet Virginia :) it's a 2 month challenge - so I have 19 more cards to do then I'm done. I've been enjoying the 'being creative every day' part (as often otherwise I'd be too tired after work to bother), but it does feel like it has rather taken over, and I haven't had any energy left to do anything else - eg work in my journals - so it will be nice to get back to doing other stuff. I hope I can keep up the every day stuff though! I was thinking of doing daily ATCs instead once this is done, and build up some trading stock, it's years since I have traded regularly

Carmen Wing said...

In no way fed up. They are always so different and varied! I've been loving them. That image on the last one is FREAKY!

Michelle Webb said...

Wowee, they're brilliant, keep it up Sarah, Michelle x

Andria said...

Your cards look really awesome on display all together! I really like your paint splats, and you did a really great job drawing your shoes.

Dianne said...

awesome cards--those shoes are amazing!