Saturday, July 07, 2012

ICAD week 5 - 8 cards for the price of 7

the Tatty Wall - week 5
(sorry Rho - avert your eyes ;)  )

I'm blogging my ICADs a little late this week and so I have 8 to share instead of 7.  That will leave next week short but never mind.

So, yes, here are my most recent contributions to the Index Card A Day project:

Day 29 - hair dye day - I used the left over dye to make the brown splodgy background

Day 30 - a "just for the fun of it" collage - and nope, I have no idea why I put that wristwatch around his belly - Jay thinks it looks like a wrestling belt - maybe he's a champion prairie dog rassler :)

Day 31 - blimey I used glitter!

Day 32 - I spent most of the day packing for Berlin so I drew my packed bag - prompt : weave two index cards

Day 33 - "Berlin Is Calling" indeed - we flew out there at lunchtime

Day 34 - Daisy Yellow had asked if we would all share a card today of the US (or our own country's) flag, a card inspired by freedom, independence, fireworks, or something else related to the July 4th holiday.  I was away in Berlin so only had very limited materials on hand - some sharpies and a glue stick - so decided to go with the 'freedom' bit and make a card to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall 

Day 35 - for song lyrics Thursday - a snippet from Corduroy by Pearl Jam that we saw performed live the night before

Day 36 - a rare card from me with no colour!  prompt: cut out


Jennifer Stumpf said...

Wow, i love all of them! Love the backpack drawing & cutout. Great work!

Luna Art said...

All Fantastic cards, my favs are the cut out one and the berlin is calling one. x

Virginia said...

Fabulous all of them, the cut out card must have taken an absolute age!

Karen Isaacson said...

your cards continue to blow me away - they styles and techniques are so varied and yet so very much your own. lovely to look at, often hilarious, and always inspiring. I've been doing some papercutting this week for a bookmark swap - nothing as cool as that bunny, though!

Carmen Wing said...

Amazing. Just amazing. I love that you incorporated your hair dye, the bunny at the bottom... well I just hate you for thatone, it's gorgeous... but I don't really hate you... but am madly jealous! So gorgeous. Am loving the wrestler prairie dog - it looks so right on him :D

Marit said...

Wonderful... and so cool and great of you that you manage to keep up with the cards! I smiled over 'major tom' card - that song has been in my mind for over a month now, I heard it on the radio in June and decided that I want to do 'something' with the lyrics but have not decided what that 'something' will be... I leave it in the back of my head and 'it' will come out someday. PS My son saw pearl jam too, in 'Werchter' - the festival in Belgium. He send me an sms that he liked it. :)