Thursday, February 21, 2013

Infinite Scroll : Monsters

I've been trying hard to resist signing up for the seemingly endless stream of fun free projects over at the Art House Co-op ..... but....but....monsters!!!  How could I say no to this one?

This was how they described the project:

This is going to get ugly...

We're calling out to 500 people worldwide to make one segment of what will become a really long, continuous drawing.

The Infinite Scroll series is inspired by the surrealist drawing exercise known as exquisite corpse, in which a group of people work collaboratively on a drawing without seeing the other parts that come before and after. We'll start the drawing off with a monstrous head and end it with some grotesque feet - everything in between is up to you!

Sign up and we'll email you the template and instructions for creating your design, drawing, or illustration of creepy, scary, and cute-in-a-hideous-way monsters.

We'll string all of the submissions together into one really long monster the likes of which has never been seen or imagined!

And this was my monster segment:

I kept him fairly simple, coloured with watercolours, and his spots came from a pencil eraser dipped in black ink

You can see the final whole monster on the project's blog here - but here's a snapshot of the section I'm in:

I think maybe they should have told everyone to keep the background white, as the sections join together better then, but it's still really cool to scroll through

So, there you go, I painted my little bit of monster, scanned it and emailed it in to the project, but then I still had my little bit of monster, and I didn't really know what to do with it .....

So I thought, why not make a not so infinite exquisite corpse monster of my own?

I didn't want to design the head and feet portions myself, as then they wouldn't have looked as disjointed as they needed to, so I asked my other half Jay to draw a head and my 10 year old son to design the legs and feet.

Then I copied their designs in different media, and ta da:

Meet Marvin, isn't he a cutie!

The end result is about A4 size, which luckily I had an IKEA frame lying around to fit.  I think I will hang him in my hallway so that he can greet visitors to my house with that lovely cheery smile :)


Jez said...

My brothers and sister and I used to play this with pencil and paper strips, and it was also always a game included in party games.
Marvin came out really well, and you are obviously a family of artists.

Marit said...

Absolutely fabulous! I'm going to visit the link right now to see the monster - but I know already that I love your Marvin better!

Karen W said...

I'm so happy that they have so many projects this year. I couldn't resist the monster one either. Now they apparently have a new continuous scroll for outer space, but I missed the notice and now it's too late to get in on that. I really would have enjoyed it as I know just what I'd do.

Carmen Wing said...

Marvin the monster is such a cutie. I love the idea of this and also remember playing it with my sis.