Sunday, February 03, 2013

What's on YOUR bucket list?

And so, having vowed off signing up for any new circle journals on UKScrappers, I found myself nevertheless volunteering for the final vacant spot on an art journal themed CJ over there, with the words "I expect I'm going to regret this....."

And there was never a truer word spoken, as no sooner had I signed on the dotted line, the first posting date was announced, eight days away.  Eight days???!!  I usually spend a month on and off getting a new book ready, plus I already had a few existing deadlines to hit before the end of the month.

I panicked accordingly and the host was kind enough to put the start date back five more days to Feb 1st, but I still couldn't quite hit it, finally finishing up today, ready for posting tomorrow, the 4th.  I hate missing deadlines, grrrrr :(

But it's all done now, hooray :) :) :) So here's my journal - it's an accordion book with 7"x7" watercolour paper pages held together with washi tape - the whole thing closing up with a ribbon

The front cover is a simple watercolour painting with some colourful cardboard letters that I've had for yonks and can't remember what make they are, and little washi tape pennants stapled on.

The theme of my book is 'what's on your bucket list?' - here are the instructions for those taking part:

In short, I've asked people to list ten life experiences they would like to achieve in their lifetime, on the back of their page, and then to choose one of the ten and create their main journal page about it - in the style of a travel journal

Here's my list and sign in tag:

I chose point 8 - take a ride in a hot air balloon - to illustrate:

Can you spot mini me in the basket? :)

And that's about it for my book so far, other than an "outtro" page at the end:

And now I send it off out on its travels, and I can't wait to see it come back to me full of everyone's goals and dreams....


Jez said...

Great little book, and bucket list idea. Done the balloon flight and enjoyed it, especially the early morning champagne in a field on landing. You should do that soon, you'll enjoy it.

Virginia said...

Oh Sarah that's fabulous love the bright colours and the bucket list idea!

Carmen Wing said...

Living so near to Leeds Castle we see a lot of hot air balloons round here. I'd love to do that. And I love the mini you already fulfilling your dream :)

I might just use this as a journal prompt you now ;)

I never realised there were so many Disney parks either!

Shirley said...

I love this CJ Sarah, great idea on the bucket list. Looking forward to seeng it again when it arrives home.
Good job we don't have a deadline for our journals! Mind you I am well on the way to getting it back to you this month. Ü Having not done a lot recently I am really enjoying doing the pages.