Friday, May 23, 2008

Blimey, I haven't blogged all week, at least here's my Friday Fivers.....

Been busy busy busy busy!!!!

hlog's five:

1.) What is the best summer job/internship you've ever had?

Well, I only really had one... I worked during my gap year, and all my university breaks, for IBM. I really enjoyed working for them, they taught me so much - and the pay was good too :)

2.) Who did you look up to as a kid?
My dad, John Lennon, Tony Benn

3.) Thoughts on a Dancing With the Stars dancer becoming a recording artist?
No idea what this one is about - I guess it's America-specific

4.) Do you collect anything?
I used to collect snails - pottery ones, ones made of glass, toy ones etc etc. I have quite a collection, but they still live at my Dad's house as I left them behind when I went to Uni and have never gotten around to collecting them. My poor mum had to dust them for years!

5.) What was your first car?

The world's cutest bright orange VW beetle. It had a black bonnet with a Hawkwind logo on it (hand painted by me), and one green wing. I loved that car - at least until it tried to kill me by rolling itself on the motorway on the way home from Glasto one year.

the Fiver:

1. Last laugh?
This evening when I was discussing with my 16 year old my plans to become a pony and move to Ponyville. The conversation got quite silly and we both had a giggle. (I still want to do it though - does anyone know where I can get any pony hormones? I figure I should start taking them...and live as a pony for a while....before I go under the knife...)

2. What do you love?
My family and my ratty girls, chocolate, crackle paint, music, Inked on ITV4, my new tattoo, my Canucks and my Wildcats

3. Gold or silver?

Definitely silver. I have never been keen on gold. Always preferred silver and copper. But then again, I adore my orca ring, and that's gold....

4. Who do you hold hands with?

Connor, because he's still young enough to want to hold hands with his old mum. Long may it last. And Ian, whenever I see him, because we are still at that lovely lovey-dovey touchy-feely stage - and long may that last too :)

5. Friday fill-in:
There's no time to ____.
do even a fraction of the stuff I want to do.

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