Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rhomany you are a genius :)

So, there I was yesterday morning.... in a total panic..... due at the tattoo studio at 11am for work to start on my backpiece....

….got to have a bath, don’t want to be all smelly for the nice man….check
…. bottle of water….need bottle of water, going to get thirsty….check
…. scrunchy to hold my hair up out of the way…. check
…. what else……???

aaarrghhhhhh – what am I going to wear??????!!!!

It’s an open plan studio with big windows – I can’t wear a top, obviously, as the tattoo is taking up my whole back, near enough. I can’t even wear a bra! The straps would get in the way…. What do I doooooo?????

Then I remembered this blog post from just a couple of days before…. The lovely Kat Von D merrily chopping up t shirts, brought to my attention by Rho…..

At the time I watched the Kat vid, and commented on Rho’s blog, something to the effect that the stringy sleeves were a nostalgia trip, as I used to do that to all my t-shirts back in the 80s – but that I had never done the tie back thing as I was never brave enough to go backless & bra-less :)

But as I sat there – with about 10 minutes to go before I had to leave for my appointment – I remembered there was a link on Rho’s post to make a halter neck. A halter neck – perfect!

So I got out an old Buffy t shirt (see before pic above) and some sharp scissors, and set to work. The bottom of the t was a little on the baggy side once it was done so I threw in a bit of Kat-style tie backs for good measure. And in less than 5 minutes, I had a perfect top to wear while I was being backpieced :)

So thanks Rho – your immaculately timed post saved me showing the whole of Swindon my boobies :)

And this is the last ever photo of my naked ink-free back.

See the next post for what it looks like now :)

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PLO said...

This is uncanny. I made one of these shirts the other day after watching Kat's tutorial. I must say, you look stunning in it. There is something really sexy about those ties! Now, I will have to make a halter! I had to cut up a shirt for my tattoo as well.