Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Fivers - 9th May 2008

hlog's five is 4 again this week:

1.) Beach or mountains?
Ummmm – tough one. I love to swim in the sea, and walk by the coast, especially along a cliff top. But I can’t stand just sunbathing on the beach, lying there on a towel for hours, bores me rigid. And the sand gets everywhere. And mountains are beautiful. And they overlook my boys in Vancouver. Yup – seems I have made my mind up - mountains please.

2.) Which newspaper(s) do you read? (Either online or in print)
I only really read a real printed newspaper when I go to visit my Dad, I haven’t bought one in years. I’m not good with distressing news (murders, wars….) which, along with the indiscretions of celebrities, is all the papers seem to report anyway. So I tend to limit my news-gathering to what I hear on the radio on the drive into work. I do read lots of sports news, though (which can also be pretty distressing at times!) – I subscribe to Powerplay magazine which is the UK version of the Hockey News, and I regularly read the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers online.

3.) What do you plan to do during the hockey off season to keep yourself occupied?
Sulk. Sigh. I’ll survive it, I always have a to do list longer than my arm anyway, so keeping busy isn’t really a problem. But I do miss my hockey so badly already. I am utterly lost on Saturday evenings without a trip up to the Link to cheer on my Wildcats. And I haven’t really been able to get excited about the Stanley Cup playoffs since the Flames and Caps went out, because there’s nobody left in it that I have that much affinity to. I’m still watching, but I have this sinking feeling that the Flyers are actually in with a chance, and I tell you, if they win, I shall cry me a river :(

4.) Favorite form of procrastination?
Faffing about on the net, the devil’s own tool for ensuring that nobody actually gets anything done anymore.

And here's the original:

1. Who do you adore?
Strong word, that. Going to take the fifth.

2. Who adores you?
I'm not convinced anyone does. There are lots of people who love me though. And that'll do me.

3. What's in your pockets?
Right now, I'm wearing something pocket-free. I could do my bag instead...let's have a look (god knows what's in there).....wallet, car keys, tissues, pay slip, neurofen, a postcard that says "I wish I was in Canada, eh", a little Canucks keyring that I haven't put on my keys yet, a Flames zipper pull that fell off Connor's hoody, a lovely old book from 1914 that is due to be altered for an upcoming round robin, flyers for local amusement parks that I have zero recollection of picking up, 4 sharpies, a comb, and a tutorial on CSS (cascading style sheets, a web design thang) that I downloaded from the net and printed out. All vital stuff :)

4. Who can you talk with for hours?
Anyone, really, I'm a chatterbox - the other person always runs out of steam before I do :) I prefer to do my chatting online than on the phone, though. I can multi-task better that way. I really miss MSNing with my best friend for hours every day - we never ever ran out of things to say - she has been in hospital for months now, and can't easily be contacted. I see her for a couple of hours every other week, but that is nowhere near enough. We will have SO much to catch up on when she is home....

5. What sounds great today?
On my way to work this morning the one song that had me whipping the volume up was Propane Nightmares by Pendulum. Looking forward to seeing them at Bestival.

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