Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Fivers - 16th May 2008

Traditional Fiver:

1. Are you a good worker?
Well, I always thought I was. But I got a bit of a bollocking at work the other week for not working hard enough, so maybe I’ve started to slack off a bit in my old age......meh....

2. What do you carry?
Plenty of excess flubber. But not enough, it seems, for me to motivate myself to do anything about it. Cake is just way too nice to give up in pursuit of the body beautiful.

3. Do you know your neighbors?
Only one one side – a nice couple who breed Bengal cats - but I don’t know them that well, just enough to have a brief chat every now and then and swap Christmas cards.

4. Where do you like to go for a day trip?
I’m a bit of a roller coaster fiend – so somewhere like Alton Towers is right up my street – but only on a non busy day, otherwise you spend more time queuing than riding, and that’s no fun

5. What is at your feet?
At the moment, my Canucks messenger bag (and if you want to know what’s in it, see last week’s Fiver :))

hlog five - which actually is five this week :

1.) Do you wear sunscreen?
Very rarely – I don’t tend to burn in the sun, I’m more likely to go straight to tan. I’m not usually outdoors for long stretches anyway, and I don’t take sunbathing holidays

2.) What is your favorite thing to BBQ?
I’m not much of one for barbecues, being veggie and all, but I have done veg kebabs on skewers before, and bananas wrapped in tin foil are nice on the barbie too

3.) Do you find yourself driving less with higher gas prices?
Nope – I have to get to work, and there is zero public transport out here in Deliverance country. And I also visit a lot of friends who are far enough away, yet not on an easy train route, that driving is the only option really

4.) If this coming weekend were magically to be a three day weekend, what would you do?
Oh, I wish! I’d set aside a day just for arty pursuits and make 2 t-shirts, the journal for my upcoming tattoo CJ, and all 21 of my Little Boxes

5.) What kind of computer do you have?
At home, a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop. At work, also a Dell, but a desktop.

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