Sunday, May 25, 2008

I is for Inked

I'm a bit behind with my A-Z journal - we're supposed to be doing 'K' at the moment, and I was only up to 'H'... so I thought I'd better play a bit of catch up today.

I'm a bit stuck on what to do for 'J' - but 'I' was a no brainer, seeing as I'm in the middle of getting my backpiece done...

You look at my skin
Outside not what's inside you will see
That I'll never change for authority
'Cause my ink's my mark on society
Read between these lines and you'll understand
That my ink is with me 'till the end
I'm inked 'till the end.

(I LOVE that show!)

This page came together nice and easy. The main photo is me getting my orcas started off, printed just on plain copier paper and cut out.

The main part of the background is a photo of a backpiece I liked torn out of a tattoo magazine - if you look carefully, it says hardcore, which is kind of cool. Not that I am very. Hardcore that is :)

The music is sheet music for a hymn that goes:
Wash me in the blood of the Lamb And I shall be whiter than snow
Which seemed appropriate in a wholly inappropriate kind of way

Oh and up in the top right there is a little bit of old book page - just because I had a gap there.

The background was lightly gessoed, and coloured with yellow and orange distress inks and then left to dry

Then I stuck my photo over the top, and sprayed the whole thing with matt acrylic sealant.

Over the top of that went the scroll and 'forever' rub ons (Hambly and Creative Imaginations respectively) - the forever rub on was open text so I coloured it in with a red sharpie just to add a bit of colour.

The barbed wire in the bottom right is a Viva Las Vegas stamp, embossed in silver.

And the letters for the title were stamped onto clear shrink plastic, then shrunk and glued on. I wanted to use the same lettering that I had used on letters 'A' through 'H', but they were too big to fit in the scroll - hence the shrinky.

I think that's everything. Still no idea what to do for 'J'... I might have to do 'K is for Kes' first :)


ally said...

i absolutely love your page for I

Pam said...

This is just fantastic-all those great techniques.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

What some people go through to make a fabulous scrap page lol. ;0)

fabulous.... you've created some awe inspiring stuff recently Sarah.

PLO said...

CUZ...this is fantastic! I would like to have you scrap a pic of me getting my tatoo! I have not been very clever with my scrapbooking as of late...ok, as of the last year.