Monday, May 05, 2008

oh I am SO hooked!

You remember the stencil I cut a week or so ago for the Green Pepper Press "cut it out!" crusade?

Well I wanted to do some more, specifically for stencilling onto t-shirts with fabric paint or bleach, but didn't think I would have time during April - but then Michelle went and extended the deadline, didn't she :)


So I went and ordered a whole heap of plain t-shirts, and fabric paints a-plenty, and a stencil cutting tool, and got busy in Photoshop designing stencils.

And here is my first attempt with the hot cutter...

I am SO pleased with how this has turned out!!!!!!! (even if I did burn my hair.....must remember to tie it back next time)

This is the paper rough draft, I will bite the bullet (and my bottom lip) and try the stencil out on a t-shirt tomorrow - wish me luck!

This t-shirt will be so special because it will be TOTALLY unique, and TOTALLY made by me:
  • I took the photo (in Calgary during the anthem before the Canucks/Flames game I went to in March)
  • I converted the photo to something stencilworthy in Photoshop
  • I painstakingly cut the stencil out by hand, and
  • I used (or will do tomorrow) the stencil to create a one of a kind, unique piece of wearable art

And yes, I call it art, not everyone would, but I am prouder of this than almost anything I have ever made, and to me it's art. So ner :)

Here's the original photo:

I'll report back once the t-shirt's done....

Can't wait to make more stencils

Hooked, I tell ya :)


inge bekaert said...

hello Sarah,

the guy looks great !
Michelle's crusade and the tutorials of other participants has inspired me also a lot and pushed my skills for photoshop on a higher level. I really love the results with the faces I've seen on a lot of blogs.

I'm curious how your results on the t-shirt will be. Susan Warder made a stencil of Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands : they would also look great on a t-shirt or on a handbag !

If you've tried it on the t-shirt : would you give a tutorial on your experiences and technique you use ?Maybe I give it a go afterworths too.

So, I'll be back !
Inge ( from belgium)

Carrie said...

Thanks for dropping by - I see you're still hockey mad :-)

michelle ward said...

Dude! This so rocks! Love seeing how enthusiastic you are about the the stencils and that you've rocked the image from your own photo. (Sorry to hear about the hair incident). I just checked to see if you added a new post with the results and SCORE! You did! It's awesome Sarah! Squeeeee!

ArtKat said...

Excellent stencil, I'm sure it will look wonderful on the t-shirts! :)

Suzanne said...

Great job! I love this look. I can't wait to see how your t-shirt turns out!

PocketSize said...

That is so completely awesome! He looks great :)

Linda said...

Wow! That is impressive! I love it.

Elizabeth said...

Great job on the Stencile Sarah and the t-shirt turned out great!! i have sent the t-shirts that I stenciled for my brother, off to tanzania but I havennt heard that they arrived yet!! Don't forget to tell folks to prewash the shirts before they paint them!!! Congrats on winning the Crusade!! It is great to "meet" you!!!