Saturday, May 10, 2008

One for sorrow

Sometimes it's time to take a break from all the CJs and swaps and challenges and make something to keep.

That's what this is.

It's to remind me that everything gets better eventually, no matter how bad it feels at the time.

I'm putting last year to rest. Good riddance 2007.

[Background canvas washed over with Ecoline inks and stamped all over with GPP corrugated cardboard stamp. Drybrushed around the border with black gesso. Three torn sections of loose canvas were also coated with black gesso, and once this had dried, white absorbent ground was applied with fingers to cover most of each canvas piece. The AG once dry, was coloured with water soluble crayons and more ecolines. On each piece a bird image was embossed in black, and pale blue pearlescent ink was sponged around a mask to frame the bird(s). Words were added using a Dymo labeller (and at the bottom of the canvas, handwritten with a brush pen)]


Monika said...

How cathartic. Good for you hun. Forward thinking :)

Love the design and the significance.

Alter Me said...

love this, sarah. i'm right with you on saying adios to 2007.

gorgeous work xxx

Christy said...

This is beautiful and a little haunting and I'm guessing a lot healing. It's just wonderful. Welcome to Artists Circle I hope you love it there!

willowthewysp said...

This is stunning!
I totally adore it!