Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the Artistic Licence CJ wraps up....

And so all good things must come to an end - and this circle journal really has been a good thing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the work of some very varied artists and producing something of my own taking inspiration from their style

The last CJ belongs to Irene, and her artist is Andy Goldsworthy - who creates the most wonderful assemblages from natural materials

A lot of his work is circular in nature and so our blank canvasses were cardboard circles

I've used skeleton leaves, a nugget of Canadian Labradorite, and copper wire, to make my Goldsworthy tribute

A bit of a different kind of CJ page, that's for sure, but that has been the beauty of this circle - you never knew what challenge you would face with each new journal arriving

I'll be posting this home to Irene tomorrow, I hope she likes it!

As for my CJ - it's home, and it's FAB!  But I won't be blogging it just yet - there are a couple of empty pages in it due to two participants dropping out - and Jay and the kids have said they will fill those for me.  So I will blog when they have done their respective bits.


Unknown said...

This is so beautiful...I love the leaves....How are you Sarah? I am playing some blog catch up today......

Virginia said...

Wow awesome page Sarah - can't wait to see your CJ when it's returned home!