Monday, March 19, 2012

Cats, cats and more cats

I was lucky enough to get a few arty books for Christmas last year, and I've finally got around to making a start on working my way through this one - Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab.

The book contains 52 "creative exercises to make drawing fun" - and with any luck, as well as being enjoyable, they will help me improve my drawing skills - which as you'll see in a minute, are currently sadly lacking!

The plan is to do one exercise per week, let's see how we get on...

The first lesson, I kid you not, involves sitting in bed and drawing a load of cats from your imagination.  I'm sure this will all make sense at some point :)

So on Saturday evening, with the kids engrossed in some spectacularly boring (for us grown ups) teen-movie on Nickelodeon, we went up to bed and drew cats like there was no tomorrow :)

Here are mine:

I told you there was plenty of room for improvement :D

And here are Jay's - which are much better than mine:

I especially like the one in the dustbin :)

Next week....blind contour giraffes!


Sid said...

That dustbin image would make a fab stamp !!

VickiA said...

I have that book. I have even looked through it! Yet to do anything though.

SusieJ said...

Mmm, I could do with this book. Love all the cats and agree..I'd buy a stamp of the cat in the dustbin! Reminds me of "Top Cat" cartoons!
Hugs xx

Marit said...

I imagened you both sitting in bed drawing cats and it made me smile... what a lovely way to spend the evening! I could ask my beloved to join me in this experience (maybe make 'cats' into 'birds' then - he's not the cat & dog loving type) but I doubt if he'd join me.

Joyfulploys said...

Hi Sarah...I want to tell you that I got your postcard yesterday. I like how you used a picture of an actual heart. I got the one that says: "be still my heart; thou hast known worse than this." I really like it...thank you!!! I have taken one of Carla's online classes...she's great! Love her book too!