Friday, March 09, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday week 10

Yay – 10 weeks in and I haven’t missed one yet!  You know I’m really enjoying writing these little positivity round ups, especially at the end of a work week that hasn’t been all that great – it kind of knocks everything back into perspective just in time for the weekend – so let’s hear it for Virginia for having the fab idea in the first place :)

As for my week, it’s been so so, nothing horrid, just with more work and less rushing around having fun than usual

But at least it started with a nice weekend :

Last Saturday and Sunday we were in celebration mode, as it was Reece’s 13th birthday on Sunday.  It’s a real treat for us to see him on his birthday (he lives with his mum in the week and we only have him at the weekends), so we made the most of it.

As well as pressies, we laid on a few birthday treats (and one attempted treat)

Planned treat #1 : a photo op on the ice after Saturday’s hockey game (which, as an aside, was THE best game I’ve seen all season, brilliant!!) with his favourite player - #49 Nicky Watt   (This was cool as Reece had no idea this was going to happen until they called his name :) )

Unplanned but fun treat #2 : we didn’t realise there was going to be a fair this weekend, until we spotted it on our way to hockey.   A birthday weekend gave us the perfect excuse to visit after the game.  And while the boys whooped it up on the rides, I had fun playing with long exposure photographs.

Attempted treat #3 : we tried to go swimming, but everyone else in Swindon seemed to have the same idea and the queue was over an hour long!  So fast forward to

Planned treat # 4 :  an absolutely delicious meal at Cosmo, our local all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet restaurant.  Yummmmmmmmmmm.

And talking of yum – planned treat #5 : CAAAAKE!!!!

For the rest of the week, as I said up top, it’s been a bit all work and no play making Sarah a dull girl – but as ever there were a couple of little shafts of sunshine:

- I finished another CJ entry and sent it out into the world – that was the last one that I was pushing the deadline on, so I can relax a little now
- The next Rock CJ turned up in the post and it is gorgeous, I loved looking through what has been done in it so far
- My Korn tickets came- the gig is only a couple of weeks away now and I’m super pumped!!
- I got my first ever postcard from Vietnam – a pretty rare country on Postcrossing, so I was chuffed with that
- I’ve been going off Glee a bit recently, but their version of Smooth Criminal last night with the duelling cellos was a-MAZ-ing!  It really lifted my mood.
- I treated myself to a Waitrose sarnie for lunch today, Brie and Grape with Redcurrant Chutney.  SO good!

Th-th-th-that’s all for this week folks


Virginia said...

Oh what a fab post, you'll have gathered by now Sarah, that the reason it's "Rocking your world Friday" and not say Monday or Tuesday is that I like to readjust the week into grateful perspective ready for the weekend, it means also that if the week has been a bit 'so so' then I make more effort at a weekend to acknowledge the positives which in turn means that life is generally more positive so definitely a win win!

Loving all the birthday treats, shame that the swimming one didn't work but everything else did and all looks awesome! I'm sure it'll be a birthday he remembers given all the effort put in! Loving the fact you managed to get a photo of him with his favourite ice hockey player - fabulous stuff!

Loving that the pressure is off again on the circle journal front as well.

Your long exposure piccie is fantastic too!

A gig coming up is always something to celebrate.

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and more play time less work time next week!


BadPenny said...

Super birthday treats to enjoy. Glad you are enjoying the Friday posts. I do too but don't always do one like this week as I seem to have left everyone exhausted reading it last week !!! I've posted about the good things during the week anyway.

Love your photo from the fairground !

Genki said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I used to live in England, and miss waitrose sandwiches!

Luna Art said...

Wow, lots of fantastic treats for the birthday boy, I bet he had an amazing weekend! The photo with the hocky player will be a wonderful memento of the day.Your long exposure photo looks great, makes me feel dizzy just looking at it!Great circle journal page, love the blue background you have created and read your post about it below and smiled that one of the photos was from the IOW!
Have to admit to not knowing who Korn are, but I hope you have a fab time x x x

Luna Art said...

Thank you for the link to the video, I had never heard of Korn before. Loved the video, the song grew on me as I was listening! x