Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday week 11

Greetings fellow Rockettes – it’s time once again to sing the praises of the week gone by.

This has been another fairly quiet week so I don’t have an awful lot to tell you about, I’m busier than usual in the office and that results in being more tired than usual in the evenings and therefore not doing much at all except at the weekends.

But I’m grateful in a roundabout way for the fact that we’re busy at work as it sure beats being bored, and the quieter times just make me worry in these days of redundancies and loads of businesses going under….

So anyway, the week started well last Saturday with a cracking hockey game on Saturday which saw my team, the Swindon Wildcats, thoroughly see off the Sheffield Steeldogs, who up until then had been the only team in the league we hadn't beaten this year.  Swindon are playing so well at the moment, as they always seem to just as the season draws to a close....

On Sunday I had a wonderful afternoon in Bristol visiting my middle son Darby who is at Uni there.

On the way we popped into Ikea as I had won a £10 voucher in the work's Christmas raffle a while back, and I thought I could maybe spend it on some photo frames.  I haven't been there in years, forgot how fab it was.  I confess that I might have ended up spending a little more than the £10!!  And Connor enjoyed it there too, playing on all the interactive bits and bobs:

Next we went to Cribbs Causeway, a giant shopping centre, because I had promised Darby a feed up, and there is an all you can eat buffet restaurant there that we all wanted to try out.  It was amazing.  But we ended up so stuffed we could barely move :D

So to attempt to walk it off we went for a nose around the shops afterwards. We are probably not really the demographic they are trying to attract, because between the three of us we couldn't find a single thing we wanted to buy, but Darbs and I had fun listening to House of Pain STUPIDLY loud on some ridiculously expensive "Beats by Dr Dre" headphones - the two pairs we have on between us cost over £600!  eek!  They did sound great but I don't think I'll be shelling out on a pair :)

As we still had some walking off to do, next we drove out to Leigh Woods up above the Clifton suspension bridge for a nice long wander.  We were in there about 4 hours and had to find our way out by torchlight.  It's a lovely bit of woodland, with some amazing views down over the gorge and the bridge:

We attempted to find a "wherigo" geocache in the woods - which is partly why we took so long - we came very close to cracking it but ran out of battery (and daylight!) - we will have to go back another day to finish it off.

I don't need much of an excuse to go visit Darby :)

On Monday night I finished off my postcards for the mail art swap I'm taking part in, and I posted my cards out on Tuesday.  I've already started getting wonderful postcards in return - here are the three I have received so far, two from Sweden and one from Canada: 
On Wednesday it was Connor's parent's evening - and he got a glowing report from teacher, so as a reward, I took advantage (for the first time ever and I've been on Orange for 2 years!) of the Orange Wednesdays BOGOF offer and took him to the cinema to see the new Disney film John Carter:

Gosh it was a long old movie - we didn't get home until 11pm! on a schoolnight!  oops!  It was good though, a nice old fashioned Sci Fi / Fantasy romp.  And the leading man spent most of the movie running around topless, which can only be a good thing :)  (He wasn't anywhere near as hot as Thor though, I'm looking forward to the Avengers!)

And that's about it really for this week ...

Oh, apart from I got two bits of news.  The first is definitely good - my phone contract is up in just two days time, so I get to choose a fancy new phone - woohoo!  I'm thinking of this one, mainly because it has a really good camera and a hefty dual core processor.  Any other suggestions?  (and no, I don't want an iphone!  I'm allergic to all things Apple :)  )
And the other news is that my oldest son is moving out!  He is the one that I thought would still be living at home with mum when he hit 55, so I'm very surprised!  Mixed feelings about this - I'll miss him tons (he's going to Cornwall which is far enough away that I probably won't get to see him very often :(   ), and I'll miss the cat too (she's his cat so he'll be taking her), and also he does my cleaning and he does a good job too, and I'll definitely miss that!!!

But on the other hand he won't be around to eat all my food and play his music waaaay too loud and run up my fuel bills - and in the longer term, when I'm sure he's not coming back - I will have a big spare room to play with - maybe to have a dedicated studio for painting and stuff..... hmmmm ....... need to have a think :)

I'm off now to link this up at "Rockin' Central" - otherwise known as Virginia's blog - maybe see you there?


Virginia said...

Good Morning Sweetie

Actually to say that not a lot had gone off this last week - you've had a mighty busy week, even managing to find the 'busy at work' scenario advantageous - bless you!

Trying to fathom out which 'team' the Sheffield Steeldogs are? Will have to go look LOL!

Ooh Ikea - not been there for a bit probably because the bill is always way up there LOL!

Giggled at your giant shopping centre comments with Meadowhall on the doorstep, we wander along there every few weeks, we head into WH Smiths, The Works, Red 5, Waterstones, HMV and occasionally M&S, treat said 11 year old to tea and come home - usually without having spent anything because it just doesn't float our boat as it were - so glad to hear there is someone else like that!

The photo of the suspension bridge is awesome!

Loving that your postcards are starting to appear, how gorgeous are they!

And glad DS had a good report and got a treat even if it meant a late bedtime!

Can't comment on phone recommendations although can confirm that I too have a serious allergy to all things Apple!

And finally yes I can imagine mixed feelings on your son moving out!

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and a very Happy Mother's Day!


SusieJ said...

A quiet week? You did lots of lovely things...esp. in Bristol....
And 11p.m. on the occasional school night doesn't matter..a treat sounds well deserved after a good parent's evening.
Love the pretty postcards..:)
I have that phone....must now learn to use the camera....I'm very happy with it..:)
Hugs xx
p.s. I'm about to do my "rocking" post...complete with pic of Puck Bunny mug!

Antonia said...

Sounds like a great week all in all Sarah! I love your 'Friday round up' posts; they're a great way of keeping track of all the fab things that happen over the course of a week. Sorry to hear your son is moving out, but on the plus side you now have someone to visit near the seaside - and your son can play host to you whenever you go see him (make sure you take lots of washing around tee hee)! Hope you're having a great weekend! :)

Sabrina said...

Sounds like a ton is going on with you right now. The visit with Darby sounds great. You really are dedicated geocachers running out of light in the woods and all! Excited changes for your older son. I would imagine having mixed feeling for the move. It must be nice to have him around now. But that room . . . that's very appealing as well. Lovely to think and plan for that time. That Galaxy phone looks amazing, I've been seeing the ads for it. New toys are always fun.

Have a fabulous week!

Joanna said...

Oh wow, what a big change it'll be when your eldest moves out - he sounds like the kinda son you'd want to keep at home forever (apart from the loud music).

I'll be interested to hear how you get on with that phone, my contract runs out in June and I'll be looking to make a change. That one was on my list of' maybe's'.

I 'heart' IKEA! Thankfully it's just far enough away from me to make it a special trip when I go. If it was too easy to get there I could easily spend a fortune!

Have a great week!


Luna Art said...

Well I wouldn't say that was a quiet week! Your trip to see your son sounded great especially the walk in the woods searching for more Geocaching thingys!
Glad to hear John Carter was good as I want to take my kids to see it if its still on over the easter break and he does look good topless doesn't he?!
We have to go to the mainland to go to Ikea so fortunately I can't spend lots of money there! I do drool over the catalouge a lot though!
Huge change for you when your son moves out (I am dreading when my son goes to uni and thats not for another 3 years!), it will be lovely to go and visit him in Cornwall though, free holiday?
The postcards you have recieved are beautiful and I loved the ones you sent out.
Hope you have a great week x