Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday week 12

Oops, sorry I'm late peeps, I've had a super busy week

Plenty to enjoy and be grateful for this week, so much in fact that it would take me forever to write about it all, so this post is going to be mainly photographic in nature :)

First of all, my local hockey team, the Swindon Wildcats, started off my week with an almost unprecendented 6 point weekend (ie they won their games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - all against teams that on paper we should have struggled against) - that had me smiling from ear to ear, go CATS!!!

Sunday was Mothers' Day and we had a brilliant day out in Bristol, which started with me picking up my fab new phone and also a brand new laptop to replace my other one that sadly died a final death last Friday night.

The phone - although much better than my old one - and on a better tariff - is £6 a month cheaper.  How does that work???  Not that I'm complaining :)

And the laptop was reduced £250 in the sales.  (still expense I could have done without but at least it was a bargain!)

So let's hear it for new toys rocking my world! :)

The retail therapy was all over in minutes (scary how quickly you can spend a LOT of money), so we spent the rest of the day messing about on the river with a visit to the amazing SS Great Britain:

another thing to be grateful for - the glorious weather this week, amirite????
boys - can't take them anywhere!
see what I mean??? :D

And we finished the day with a river ferry ride and blackberry ice cream - yum!!

Just a couple of days later I was back in Bristol on the first of THREE DAYS OFF WORK!!!  woohoooooo!!!!

Work has been super stressy recently, so a few days off was just what the doctor ordered.

So yes, back to Brizzle, for a packed day of museums and art galleries.  And also to see my middle son Darby for part of the day, fitted around his lectures.

More piccies:

I sat on this tree stump and sketched the tower for a while with only squirrels for company, it was lovely and peaceful

up the top of the tower - you can just about see the SS Great Britain on the river 

 never too old to play dress up :)

another Banksy

Darby checking out the art in the Arnolfini gallery

The following day it was good friends rocking my world as I drove down to Portsmouth to visit my pal Anam.

We went to a fantastic American sweets and grocery store and stocked up, and then headed back to Pompey to check out the local street art

My third and last day off was a nice quiet one, making stuff and chilling out, and enjoying NOT BEING AT WORK :) :) :)

So that was the week that was - definitely a rockin' one!!

I'm off to link this up now at chief Rockette Virginia's blog, and to see what everyone else has been up to.... 


Virginia said...

Oh wow Sarah - I'm loving the awesomeness of your week, new toys always a plus! Loving graffiti, your winning team your day trips out and giggling at the boys amusement factors! I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!


Sabrina said...

What an incredible week! New toys are fantastic! The more you get the more you want - double edge sword. My H and I were just talking this morning about how our laptops, phones, etc.. are great resolutions, but somehow the new ones are even sharper and crisper. How do they do it?

I'm totally intrigued with the American candy shop. What do they carry? I'm always on the lookout for Euro chocolate treats, and apparently the stuff I can get her is desired over there. Isn't that the way of the world?

Hope next week is just as wonderful for you!


Antonia said...

Sounds like an awesome week Sarah - especially the bit about being off work haha!! Love all the pics - Bristol is a great city :)

SusieJ said...

What a great week! New toys, lots of art, silly boys....pure fun!
Hugs xx

Luna Art said...

A cram full week of goodness for you! Love the street art in Pompey and am also intriqued by the American candy shop...where abouts is that? Your days out in Bristol look fab and I had to laugh at the photos of your boys making rude words!!!
Enjoy playing with your new phone and Laptop and have a great week x

Unknown said...

I love the sperm oil pic, it made me laugh....The street art is amazing!!!! it looks like you did some good de-stressing....