Friday, March 02, 2012

Starry starry night

It's Artistic Licence Circle Journal time again - and this time our given muse is Van Gogh.

We were each issued a blank canvas board, and asked to pay homage to any Van Gogh painting using a technique of our choice

I chose this painting:

Starry Night Over The Rhone, painted in 1888

and made my own needle felted version  (above).

It seems, that if you start needle felting during your lunch break at work, everyone thinks you are a little bit odd.  I think it's the repeated stabbing motions.

Cue the music from the Psycho shower scene ;)


Jennifer Stumpf said...

Love it! Especially since I just saw the original two weeks ago!! I've never tried needle felting. Yours looks fantastically whimsical. Now stop posting cool things I shouldn't be thinking of trying!

Virginia said...

It's gorgeous - how amazing that it's needle felting it looks so complicated! I'm sure the CJ owner is going to love it!

Sue said...

Wow, great idea to use needle felting as your technique, it works really well for that ethereal Van Gogh look.

Carmen Wing said...

Just stunning - I can't believe it's needle felted - so intricate! Great choice and fabulous piece. What a great idea to get all the final pieces on board she's going to have some amazing art there.