Friday, March 30, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday week 13

Thirteen may be unlucky for some, but touch wood not for me, as I've had a pretty good time of it recently...

My rockin’ week this time around started by living up to its name – with a trip to London Town last weekend to see the mighty Korn.  Oh yeah!

And before we even got to the gig I had something to cheer about – we were walking from our parking spot to the venue, and I spotted a real life piece by Invader – I was super chuffed because these are getting harder and harder to find nowadays as they tend to get half inched and re-sold as soon as he puts them up.  We didn’t even see any in Paris last year despite looking out for them, and there used to be loads of them there.

(this pic is actually from Birmingham the night before but I couldn't find any good ones on the net from the London gig )
The gig itself was awesome.  Korn have released a new album recently with heavy dubstep overtones, much to the dismay of some of their fans – but I love it!  So they brought with them a Canadian dubstep DJ called Downlink as the support act, and he was excellent.

The sound rattles your whole body, and tickles your nose :) it’s intense.  Really really good.

And then Korn themselves were fantastic.  What a buzz.  Bagpipes and everything :) Great night out.

great setlist!
The gig was Sunday night, and Jay and I had Monday morning off work to recover – so we took advantage of the lack of kiddies around hogging the telly with the Xbox or Disney Channel, and we watched a movie.  What a treat!  We hardly ever get to watch a film together as usually, by the time we’ve packed the kids off to bed, we’re too tired to start watching something long.

The film we watched was the ice hockey comedy Goon, which we didn’t manage to catch when it was out at the cinema – I think we were probably the last hockey fans in the country to watch it.  It was better than I thought it would be, but also gorier – a bit too much blood for my liking!  But then I’m a wuss when it comes to hockey injuries.  Seann William Scott was actually really sweet in the lead role – very different to how he played Stifler in American Pie!  Definitely worth a watch.

Other things rockin’ my little world this week, in no particular order:

- The GLORIOUS sunny weather we have had all week

- Getting a real bargain BMX bike from eBay second hand but in excellent nick after Reece’s last bike died a death

- Absent mindedly flicking through the list of watch-anytime programmes that come with my cable TV, and finding a brilliant documentary about Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam frontman) and his love of surfing

- The school disco for giving me a couple of kiddie free hours while simultaneously being super fun for Connor

- Finding a quirky little shop I didn’t know existed in the town where I work that sells really cool and unique postcards – perfect for my Postcrossing hobby

- Discovering that the new lady who has just started at my office is a bit of a kindred spirit, we even share the same tattooist :)  And she is interested in crafts too, and roller derby.  It’s great to have someone to natter to at work who you have stuff in common with.

- Checking out a new exhibition at the art gallery in town – prints by British artist John Piper.  These were really fantastic full size and in the flesh.  Really bold colours.  Great eye candy and inspiration.

- A lovely meal at the Thai restaurant in town (my first ever Thai food, I think) for my colleague’s leaving lunch

- a parcel from Amazon (love new books :) )

All in all, not a bad week at all :)

I’ll be linking this post up at Rocker Central – ie Virginia’s blog - it's our little haven of positivity, why don't you join us?


Virginia said...

Oh what a fab list - listening to Canadian Dubstep as we speak - not sure it was your original link LOL! Been a hard day, too much work, too much TENS machine, too much stress, too little food (as it turns out which is a rarity LOL), too little hubby and son time, too little mental downtime but hey - I'm here and I'm here and i'm loving your list awesome stuff, thanks for the heads up on the ice hockey film will have to check this out! Hope you have a beautiful week ahead.

Big hugs

Luna Art said...

You always seem to cram so much into a week! Glad your concert was awesome-I really enjoyed listening to the link you sent me! Nothing better than curling up on the sofa with hubby to watch a good film, a rarity in our house too.
It's so nice when you find someone who shares your interests isn't it? Thats how I met my best friend, I organised a crop and she came along and we barely spoke all day but afterwards when we were leaving we stood and chatted for an hour and we havn't stopped chatting yet!!!
I hope you have a wonderful week x

Carmen Wing said...

Oooh, now you'll have to let me know what you think of the book, i do believe I've looked at that one on Amazon.

Another jam packed week. Love everything you've mentioned, especially all the things you saw in London.

Have a lovely week Sarah :)

Antonia said...

Looks like you have had another super week Sarah - I really love your rocking the world friday posts - they are so inspirational! :)