Thursday, June 28, 2012

At the half way point - ICAD week 4

Ooops - if I'm doing two Index Card A Day posts in a row, that means that I've missed out a Rocking Your World Friday post altogether .... I'd better catch up with a double one over the next couple of days

But, yes, back to ICAD.  Check out the tatty wall now!  We're now 4 weeks into the 2 month project, so near enough half way through.

Look how my baby has grown :)

Here are my cards for this week:

to celebrate finding a favourite silver ring after losing it about a year ago

Prompts: disco ball and use a quotation, made me chuckle :)

a sculpture we saw on a walk in London

my reaction to a bit of a bad day! :)

my favourite card this week - prompt "fortune cookie" - I drew and painted the sheep skull and I'm super proud of it :)

I didn't really intend for the hand to look like it was covered in blood! :)

for Song Lyric Thursday - this week, "Question!" by System Of A Down

I've only just realised that almost all my cards this week are predominantly coloured blue.  I'll have to shake it up a bit with some different colours next week!


Carol said...

I love your cards!!

Virginia said...

Your cards are awesome - we did seem a bit thin on the ground on the Rocking posts last week I assumed everyone was super busy!

Carmen Wing said...

Oh I love your cards Sarah - that sheeps skull is amazing!

I'm guilty of having to do a double rocking post this week too! Oops!