Thursday, June 21, 2012

Index Card A Day week 3

Still not yet half way through this project, and we've already covered a large chunk of the wall!

Maybe we should keep going all year and wallpaper the whole room :)

So I haven't missed a day yet on Index Card A Day *smug* - it's getting trickier by the day though, it's difficult to keep thinking of new things to do....

Here are my cards for week 3:

Card #15 - 15th June - prompt: chandelier
(This first card features the amazing skeletal chandelier from the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic - absolutely up at the top of my list of must visit places)

Card #16 - 16th June - a watercolour sketch of my favourite roadsign spotted today on a trip to Longleat safari park

Card #17 - 17th June - a bit of sketching practice

Card #18 - 18th June - my reaction to a not-so-great day  that I was determined not to let get me down 

Card #19 - 19th June - travel on the mind....Berlin in less than two weeks! yay!

Card #20 - 20th June - possibly my favourite card yet - brrraaaaaaaiinnnnnssssss!!!! :)

(this was the background of Card #20 before I added the zombies, I liked it so much at this stage I was half tempted to leave it be!)

and  card #21 - 21st June - for Song Lyrics Thursday, Down In A Hole by Alice In Chains - happy solstice everyone!


Karen Isaacson said...

another fabulous batch. I haven't visited the flickr group in days. gotta catch up.

Virginia said...

Absolutely gorgeous cards Sarah - love all of them!

Carmen Wing said...

Aaaargh! Love them all but you KNOW which one I absolutely adore :D

Luna Art said...

Fantastic index cards, love the summer solstice one and the zombie one. Just had a good read through all your posts I have missed, the street graffiti photos are amazing and the kids workshop looked fun. love the rockin posts, your family always seems to have so much fun! Glad you enjoyed your festival, looks like you saw some great bands. The total iow gridlock caused by the iow festival peed all of us island residents off this weekend but i felt sorry for all the people having to sleep in their cars, at least yours wasnt as muddy as that!! x

Daisy Yellow said...

A fun batch of cards. My fav of this group is your Berlin card, that sounds like a fun trip!

Maggie said...

Your wall looks amazing! Love the chandelier, compass, and that summer solstice brings me back to 1998 when I was at Stonehenge. When we booked our trip, we didn't realize we would be there for summer solstice. All of my Stonehenge pictures have Druids in them. Pretty cool.

Lorinda.C.F said...

I love how you're displaying your cards Sarah. Mine are currently hiding in a photo album that is much too pretentious for them. Your cards are wonderful, I've been enjoying them greatly on Flickr! Maybe Berlin will bring you all new inspiration!

JanR said...

Amazing cards! Card # 20 is beyond awesome and I especially love card # 21 too.

Natasha said...

I love these grouped together! Love all of these cards. The skeletal chandelier has me inspired since you first introduced me on Flickr. It has gone on my list of places to visit!