Saturday, June 09, 2012

Rocking Your World Friday double helpings - weeks 22 & 23

This is going to be a rather hurried post I am afraid as I've got two weeks to catch up on and about 25 minutes to do it in

How did my life get so insanely busy all of a sudden??

(and spending half of today making pom poms
didn't help :) )

So yes, sorry for the lack of a Rocking Your World post last week - things are so hectic at home that I usually write most of my blog posts at work in my lunch breaks. Trouble is, the last fortnight has been crazy at work too and lunch breaks appear to no longer exist.

So where were we.....?

When my last RYWF post left off we were in the middle of a heatwave

So my first grateful is for sufficiently hot weather that I actually wore an honest to goodness skirt!  For the first time since my holiday to Florida in 2010.  And for the first time in maybe 5 years on English soil.  So that's a pretty big deal :)

It was so hot that first weekend that on the Sunday we had to wait until about 4pm before it had cooled down enough to go out for a family geocaching expedition.  But that walk - by the canal near Marlborough - turned out to be fantastic and was well worth the wait, we didn't come home until almost 9pm.  We took the boys bikes and they had a great time too:

I didn't do an awful lot during the week as it was all work work work and sleep sleep sleep (with a bit of vegging in front of the TV in between....)

On the Friday I was grateful for having the office virtually to myself so I was able to listen to music while I worked - a very rare treat and it was wonderful - it makes the day go so much quicker!

Also on the Friday, as it was June 1st, I started Daisy Yellow's Index Card A Day - and I've been really enjoying it so far (see my blog post about my first week here), as it gives me the nudge to be creative every day, even when I don't necessarily feel like it, plus I get to spend some quality time with Connor as he is joining in too.  Here's one of his cards:

So that brings us to the second weekend - which of course was a bumper one as, thanks to her maj we all got an extra two days off work - wooohooooooooo!!!!!

On the Saturday we popped over to Stroud (or as I call it, Super Stroud Wonder Town because it's full of cool artistic hippies AND it's the world's first bee guardian town.  apparently) to meet up with my sis in law Annie, who lives in Barcelona, as she was making a brief visit back home.

It was lovely to see her and also to visit the Stroud farmers' market where they sell THE best doughnuts in the world.  I should have taken a photo.  Although to be fair they just look like doughnuts, so here's a googled photo of a different doughnut that looks very similar :) ---->

On the Sunday we went to Bristol for Upfest - the annual graffiti and street art festival.  We had the BEST time.  My middle son Darby, who is at Uni in Bristol, joined us too so that was an added bonus.

Here is just some of the amazing, inspiring artwork we saw that day:

There was so much more - loads more piccies here

And the highlight of the day for the boys was the kids graffiti workshop - they got to spend an hour learning how to use spray paints and working on their own masterpieces:

The only problem was that Connor managed to spray himself full in the face while changing a cap - oops!!! :D  I'm glad he had his specs on!!!

The next day we went down to Dorset for the day to see Jay's mum - as always we had a great day down there, and enjoyed taking Reg the dog for a walk along the beach.  Lulworth Cove is so beautiful, my ma in law is SO lucky to live there!

And the highlight of the visit for me was being let loose behind the till of Jay's ma's shop for a whole hour - I have ALWAYS wanted to work in a shop! :)  It was SO much fun (especially when it got really busy).  I want to work there every weekend!

in position behind my shop counter :)
And that's about all I have to report - we had a pretty chilled bank holiday Tuesday, and then it was back to work, so nothing much to write about for the rest of the week.

Phew!  That's me caught up :)

I'm off now to link this up over at head Rockette Virginia's blog, before she sends out a search party....

Keep on rockin' in the free world, people!


Karen Isaacson said...

a graffiti art festival AND a graffiti workshop??? that's the best day ever. gorgeous pictures.

Carmen Wing said...

I think I beat you - I haven't worn a skirt/dress since I was pregnant with Phoebe. She's 12 this year :D I would love to but where I have such big feet I always think I look like some badly dressed drag queen ;)

Gorgeous photo's I love the rock olympics ICAD :D And the graffiti day looks amazing!

My friend and her hubby bought the VIP all weekend passes for Download. After I picked myself up off the floor when she told me the price, I fell back down laughing when we checked the weather report. She is NOT a getting wet and muddy kinda girl! (She took 7 BIG bags of clothes where hubby took one holdall! *g*)

Hope you have an amazing time today - we are eyeing the weather to see if we can make it to a bootfair.

Virginia said...

And now it let's me comment - the graffiti looks awesome as does the graffiti workshop!

Your workplace sounds as mad as mine - hope things calm a little and you regain your lunch breaks but glad you managed a bit of music there recently.

And you look completely at home behind that shop counter!

Hope you enjoy Download today and it isn't too wet!


Nicole Maki said...

Oh my heaven! That graffiti is out of this world!

How awesome!