Thursday, June 14, 2012

Index Card A Day week 2

Will you just look at the tatty wall - coming along nicely isn't it!

So here are my cards from ICAD week 2:

Card #8 - 8th June - prompt: chaos
Card #9 - 9th June - in honour of International Yarnbombing Day
Card #10 - 10th June - prompt: stripes - done in the car on my lap on the way to the Download festival
Card #11 - 11th June - prompt: alphabet stamps - Ozzy, he's a national treasure
Card #12 - 12th June - prompt: suitcase
Card #13 - 13th June - prompt: decorate the corners / alphabet stamps again
Card #14 - 14th June - prompt: use all your blue art materials (plus it's song lyrics Thursday, so that's a line from Cochise by Audioslave)
More updates next week - I'm chuffed that I've managed to keep up with this every day so far!


Virginia said...

Wow they are all absolutely gorgeous Sarah I'm glad you are keeping up with the challenge and enjoying it to boot - I love the ozzy one and the drowing at the bottom of the sea one - actually I like all of them!

Carmen Wing said...

These are all stunning. The eye one freaks me out, the bottom one is gorgeous, love that effect you've got on it and love the lyrics -Ozzy made me laugh! That wall is going to look amazing!

p.s I think you created a new favourite word for me...whoopimojo :D

Heather said...

This is an intriguing collection of cards. I think the one with the monster in the suitcase is my favourite - I love the look on the monster's face. They're all great, though!

Andria said...

These are super cool...a real individual "take" on the project. I've never seen your work before, and feel like I've learned a lot about you just from your cards!

Natasha said...

I love these. Especially the skull on wool card. Fabulousness.

Jackie said...

LOL, cute, love the ozzy!