Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Going postal!

I've been getting back into Mail Art recently so I thought it would be fun to make some "Flo Post" artistamps to use on my  postcards....

These are fun to make, here's a little step by step if you fancy making a batch of your own:

Draw up an even grid on a plain sheet of printer paper

Use a sewing machine with no thread in the needle to sew along the lines you have drawn to perforate them

The sewn sheet will look like this

Draw up the same grid as before on a second sheet of paper, and then draw a line a short distance to the left and right / top and bottom of each line in the grid

Use a craft knife to cut out all the small interior squares

This sheet becomes your mask
Align the mask over your sewn sheet precisely.

Sponge ink through the mask

Stamp or draw a focal image

Cut masks for the stamped images from post it notes and cover them up

Spray or stamp a background design 

Continue to stamp or otherwise embellish until you are happy with the design

Peeling the masks off for the big reveal is the most fun part:

Look out for these on my mail art over the next couple of months :)


Unknown said...

So creative :)

Marit said...

OHMYGOODNESS... these are awesome Sarah!!!

Carmen Wing said...

Yeah... my perforations would NOT be that straight!
These are gorgeous! What a great idea!

Karen Isaacson said...

those are awesome. I was with you until the part where you made a billion little masks out of post it notes. I think I need a less labor-intense technique :)
(forgot to mention mail art exchange to max. i think he'll be into it. I'll get back to you)

Virginia said...


Pat Beaumont said...

sounds like a great idea - I would be happy to take part