Thursday, June 07, 2012

an Index Card a day keeps the doctor away

About this time last year, I began to see people all over blogland taking part in a daily art project called ICAD - index card a day:
It does exactly what it says on the can - the challenge is to do SOMETHING on a plain old office-supplies index card every day - write / draw / paint / collage - SOMETHING.  There are optional prompts to use if you want to, other days you can just do something of your own devising.  The challenge lasts two months and I think the plan is to ease people into daily creativity.

So, like I said, last year I watched other people playing, but I didn't join in as I thought 'every day' sounded a tad scary.

But this year I must be braver because I am playing along :)  And so is Connor which is super cool, it's great sitting down with him every evening to do something creative.

We're now at the end of week one, so without further ado, here are my first 7 cards:

prompt: doodle your name

prompt: fish, collage

prompts: grid, testing new pens

prompts: dictionary, draw your camera(s)

prompts: yellow, dragonfly

Connor and I are making a display of all our cards on the "tatty wall" in the front room.  So called because that's the wall where our (sadly no longer with us) pet rats ate the wallpaper!

It's already looking pretty cool - and there are still another 7 weeks to go:

Tatty wall - week 1
Anyone else out there ICAD-ing?


uncustomary said...

These all look great! My favorite is the goldfish one. :-)

Snap said...

I love that you and Connor are both taking the ICAD challenge. I think it's perfect summer fun! Love the dragonfly and the camera ... think they are my favorites. But I like them all ... decisions, decisions!!! All great color and texture.

Jana said...

These are ALL amazing.

Anonymous said...

Love Conner's cards and yours too! They look wonderful on the wall together like that. Quite a statement. Can't wait to see the full two months up there!


Marit said...

Oh wow, that dragonfly card is my favourite, amazing! Have fun... I tried a few IC's last year and miserably failed, I got blocked by it's stripes or something... I might try one again this Summer (to start with )

Cath said...

Your cards are amazing! But my favorite is definitely the draw your camera :D it looks so awesome!

Dianne said...

Your camera drawing is really well done, and love your take on the dragonfly! great job!

Judith said...

Hard to pick which is my fav...Camera-Fish? Judith, Texas