Saturday, June 09, 2012

is it that time of year again???

I woke up this morning to the news, via Facebook, that today is International Yarn Bombing Day.

Blimey, that's come around quick!  It seems like only yesterday that we gave some local statues nose jobs.

I had hoped to do something big and exciting this year, but given I'd entirely forgotten it was today, I clearly hadn't done any prep - so I had to do something quick again.

And the only thing I can do quickly with wool is make pom poms - so it's pom poms again this year - maybe that can become my "thing" :)

So I made 9 big shaggy pom poms from my fancy yarn, and took them to the local park to hang them in a tree by the pond:

They aren't immediately obvious up there - for example there are three in this photo with me, but they don't leap out at you:

But I hope a few people will notice them as they stroll through the park, and that they will make them smile

I added a tag to the lowest hanging pom pom, just in case anyone was wondering why....
And here's a nice arty shot that Jay took to finish off :)

Maybe I'll be more prepared next year.....or maybe it will be pom poms again :)


Carmen Wing said...

I'd love to walk past a park and see something like this :D

That is great wool - these pompoms would make a fabulous scarf all strung together!

Virginia said...

Oh they are better than just pom poms - your very own art in the park - love it!

SeasideKaren said...

I'd never heard of yarn bombing before, until we went up to Saltburn for a day out this week, and one side of the little old pier was covered in knitted figures of olympic athletes! it was brilliant to see, and everyone was intrigued by them. Love your pom poms too, I think anything unexpected like this can only make people smile with happiness :)