Sunday, September 07, 2008

Well, that didn't quite go to plan!

We're home early from Bestival :(

I don't like to be a quitter, but the weather made it unworkable really :(

A month's worth of rain on the first day of the festival turned the place into a total mudbath. These pics were taken in the campsite, which was one of the LEAST muddy bits!

I think we made the right decision to leave on Saturday, as I have since read that since we left the BBC Introducing stage has been closed down (and most of the bands I wanted to see - Cage The Elephant - Noah and the Whale - Pete and the Pirates etc - were on that stage). So has the Comedy Tent, and various others.

None of the children's activities were up and running - as they were all outdoors - a couple of the camping fields have had to be evacuated because of floods - all a HUGE pity as it would have been a brilliant festival if the weather had played fair.

But that's the risk you take with the British summer I guess.

My particular low point was slipping and falling face first into the mud on my way to see Pendulum on Friday night - thus ruining my last change of clean clothes on the first day! By the time I had got back to the tent and cleaned the mud out of my hair, eyelashes, nostrils and mouth (it was sooooooo naaaasty!!!!) the band were near enough finished :(

So I didn't get to see a single band that I liked, and all I have to show for a fairly huge monetary outlay is a pile of muddy washing.

Gotta see the funny side, ain't ya :)

To be fair - there were some ok bits - we all enjoyed playing in the miniature village :) Darbs proved he is king of the mazes. We caught a tiny bit of one band on the BBC stage before it was shut down who were very good and they gave Darbs an airhorn. No idea who they were though! (I had to leave after a couple of songs because it was raining so heavily poor Connor couldn't see a thing as his glasses were getting constantly rained up - need to get him some little windscreen wipers :) )

And the tent was very cozy and we were warm and dry while hiding in there. Kudos to the Tangerine Fields people for doing a great job.

Oh - and the wristbands were nice and comfy :)


Hazel said...

Better luck next year!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Cool kid!! :0) Great pics.
My idea of hell, but it sounds like you had a laugh...kind of...reading inbetween the lines with you falling over etc lol lol

Sarah said...

no line reading required - I was sober as a judge! I didn't dare have a drink because I knew it would go right through me and the toilets were so gross I wanted to avoid having to use them as much as possible lol The place I slipped was a death trap - about a foot deep of liquid mud above very uneven ground - people were falling over left right and centre.

Lorraine said...

hope you have recovered from fallin in the mud ...I love all your photos and your little son in his sleeping bag..thanks very much for your comments on my blog

Unknown said...

oh my -now that is mud!!

Zuzu's Blog said...

Awww this is such a shame... I know how expensive festival tickets are.. and for what.. oh well if its any consolation I enjoyed the pictures and the story!..