Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our new baby girl

We went to pick up Darby's African Pygmy Hedgehog this morning - isn't she adorable?

Lousy photos as they were taken on my phone in the back of the car on the way home - she is just in her little carry box here - but has since settled in to her whopping great big vivarium-type-thing.

She doesn't have a name yet - Darby is waiting for inspiration to strike...

She's soooo lovely :) And so friendly, she just climbs all over you :) By far the friendliest and least shy of the three we went to see.

Proud daddy :)


Rosie said...

OMG - she's adorable!! Thanks for taking the time to leave me your comment the other day - it was lovely to 'hear' from you!
Couching is the round the edge stitch that you see on commercial garments - holds all the layers together so they don't fray! Despite the gadget/foot I have to do it, it's fairly tricky as the fabric kept sliding about... I need to practise! ;-]
Fabric is lovely to work with, isn't it?!

Sally said...

wow. She is so cute. I want one.

Sharon said...

How cool she is...... bless I love then but I can see she is special She has to have a name from the hockey.......!!!!!!!

Thanks for showing her...

Sharon x

Lorraine said...

lovely cute eyes and a very special present for your eldest