Thursday, September 04, 2008

I do like a hard man with a sense of humour

especially one called Darcy :)

This is our new enforcer. Terrifying, isn't he :) What do you mean, you're not scared???

lol I think he's adorable - and he has a sense of humour too - check out this quote from the Vancouver Sun about his frankly vicious looking doggies.... :

"They are to protect my wife, they're two big killers."

hee hee

"They're loving it here in Vancouver, walking up and down the streets of Yaletown meeting all the other dogs"


Alanah over at Kukla's Corner sums it up.....

"Good God… a couple of Shih Tzus and an affection for walking them around freakin’ Yaletown is the kind of double-whammy confession that would get most guys stuffed into their lockers, wearing a dress."

lol, bless

this little piece made my morning :)


Anonymous said...

Actually...Those dogs were bread to protect royalty in China.. I have one- they're the best dogs ever! (I don't know what a defender is, but that guy is pretty good lookin'.)

Unknown said...

Can I just say that this guy is freaking hot....forget the dogs...Melinda