Monday, September 01, 2008

it's Art Raffle time again

and like the girly swot I am, I have finished my September entry already.

I've got this done SO quick, that you would ALMOST think I knew the theme ahead of time!

This month our theme is Take Flight - and if you would like to take part, please hop on over to the website and sign up - you have just under four weeks to get your piece made and sent in.

Last month's theme of Summer Sun prompted an impressive turn out of 30 entries, and all the artwork submitted was A-MAZ-ING!!!

The prize was sent to the mystery winner today - and as soon as he/she lets me know that it has arrived, I will lift the curtain on the August gallery over at the Art Raffle website, so that you can see for yourselves the amazing range of entries. I was genuinely blown away by the amount of talent there is out there.

Here's a little teaser:

Even all blurred up it looks like something you'd love to win, huh?

In a nice purty box like this?:

Well then, you'd better take part this month then :)

You got to be in it to win it!

Anyway - where was I? Ah yes - my September entry :)

This is a sun catcher type thingy - made from UTEE mixed with flex, coloured with alcohol inks, and encasing a stamped image (Tim Holtz) on clear shrink plastic.

The basic technique is the same as how I made this pendant - the only difference being I drilled the holes after the piece was set, with a little Dremel type drill - rather than using the straw.

I hung it onto some hemp string and added some copper beads.

Please ignore my dirty windows in the photos :D

Good luck to all of you who enter the raffle this month.


Lorraine said...

this is really ace and thanks for putting up the instructions. I really like the pendant that you made. I havent got any utee, flex or a melt pan but I have got some resin somewhere!!

forcryeye said...

Woman, you amaze me...I am dying over your new icon are hilarious. I am so lucky to have a cousin like you...won't you be surprised when I show up at your door and make you get a cousin sister tattoo...and make you take me out for a night on the town. I am off to check out this challenge...have I been missing something? I need to come back to this world...I am missing so much fun! xoxo

forcryeye said...

THE faq's proclaim that you can join if you have a relative in the UK to send the prize to...since you are my cousin...can I pretend to be a Brit? :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah...your sun catcher is gorgeous. Love the colors and the beads :)

Hazel said...

I want to win this sooo much! Although I will settle for getting a meltpot for Xmas so I can make one of my own :) I had a resin casting kit as a child and spent a whole summer casting found stuff in (bubbly!) resin. You have set a high standard for this month's entries- I had better get thinking!

joanne wardle said...

this is gorgeous, aren't you clever!
and I'm only a day behind you, lol!

Shelly Hickox said...

This is awesome! I have a melting pot with old UTEE still in it from what, like, two YEARS ago! It even has some gold leaf flakes in it - how cool would that look?