Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The hockey gods move in mysterious ways

So here was I, lamenting another horrible away result for my beloved 'cats.

I looked over at my hockey shrine, and wondered why it wasn't working.

It's not doing too bad for the Cauncks - granted - unbeaten in the pre-season baybeee!!! GO VANCOUUUUUVER!!!!!

(and I know, I know, they're just exhibition games and they mean diddly squat, but boy, the view's good from the top!!! :D :D :D )

But for Swindon? Well, my prayers didn't seem to be having the same effect :( Sure we looked great at home last Saturday against Guildford - really great - I loved watching them out there putting so much pressure on arguably the top team in the league. This season's Wildcats have got some real presence and some deep talent.

But we just didn't make enough offensive chances, even playing to our strengths, to get that win.

Chants of "bring back Joel!!!" came from the stands, but the word was he was Edinburgh bound.... sigh.....

And then the following night? A horrendous loss at Peterborough, hot on the heels of the equally depressing loss to Telford the week before.

Oh woe was me, and the rest of Wildcat nation. :( Hockey gods - why had you forsaken me????

But then the rumours started to weave their way to the surface about a certain prolific point earner re-routing his plane from Scotland to Wiltshire... could it be true??

And sure enough, this morning, it's official - JOEL PETKOFF IS BACK!

Those HGs, they are clever deities indeed!

How better to persuade Wildcats management to dig deep down the back of the team sofa to find the cash we needed to secure the return of #23 than by dishing us some real low blows?

And now - what do we have? A team that has me salivating!

I just hope that the pressure of being welcomed back like the Messiah doesn't affect Joel's play.

But if he is on form - a team like the Wildcats we saw taking on Guildford last Saturday - defensively sound, intelligent hockey, coupled with Joel's scoring and playmaking abilities - especially once we get Matty back - oh wow - let's GO Swindon!!!!!

This could be our year.

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Anonymous said...

Lets go Wildcats!!!

Can only be a good thing. Lets hope we can kick some Romford butt on saturday!

Welcome back Joel.