Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Five part 2

and here is today's :

1.) Roughly how many all nighters have you pulled in your life?

Gosh. Lots :) For different reasons through the ages. Plenty of through the night partying when I was younger. And the ocasional student all nighter for the last minute finishing of assignments. Nowadays it's much more likely to be hockey related (when you are stupid enough to support a team on the Canadian west coast whose games start at 3am UK time, sometimes sleep takes the back seat) - or I've got on a roll with an art project and before I know it the sun's up. It certainly catches up with me more nowadays than it used to though - I have to have two insanely early nights to recover from every insanely late one.

Incidentally - this pillow thing (in the pic) is called an All Nighter. HOW comfy does that look???? I want one!!! It's supposed to be for pregnant people but I'm sure that bit's not compulsory...

2.) Do you ever write letters or cards to people?

Not as often as I should. I keep meaning to get back into mail art, as I enjoyed dabbling in it a couple of years ago when I belonged to a mail art group on Yahoo. But as with most things, it's finding the time... I do usually send birthday cards though, if I remember.

3.) What is your all time favorite computer game?

Hmmm - I enjoy Guitar Hero, Mario Kart and Mortal Kombat, despite being fairly rubbish at all of them. I think probably it'd be one of the games we used to have on the PS1 that used a dance mat - I got so addicted to them... in fact I ought to treat myself to a dance mat for the Wii, it's a great way to get in shape without realising you are doing anything other than having shedloads of fun.

4.) Do you ever investigate the random things on Google's home page? (You can click on whatever is changed, and a Wikipedia link is there)

Um, nope. Should I?

5.) Would you rather have 4, 10 hour work days, or 5, 8 hour work days?

4 10 hour days without a shadow of a doubt. I would kill for a 3 day weekend.


Hazel said...

That pillow looks sooooo comfy- I remember only too well the multi-pillow mounds I made up when preggers!

Lorraine said...

I had one of those pillows when I was a beached whale expecting my kids and I was probably too large as it was the most uncomfortable thing is now shoved against the radiator next to my 3yr olds bed!!