Monday, September 15, 2008

I've got my hockey back!!!!!

Wildcats party time :)

Our new team for 08/09 was launched today, and I have to say the 'cats ain't looking too shabby this season!

Smart new kit, interesting new players, and a really positive vibe in the air.

I couldn't get down to rinkside to take any extreme closeups, but here are some pics from today's photoshoot and scrimmage.

(Sorry the action shots look a bit garish, I had to tweak the curves a fair bit to correct the Link's nasty yellow cast)

Willie's got his new kit:

Euan Forsyth, one of our new Scots - looks ready for a fight and there isn't even an opposing team in the building yet...
It's hockey, not golf dear:

Nelly the younger - who I think will be a hit with the younger puck bunnies:

Lee "Two Sticks" Richardson:


Mikey Farn:

Shane (it's cool we have a Shane and a Wayne :) now we just need a Blaine):

Talk of the devil - this one's for Tracey - Wayne does the striptease - ba da da daaaa, ba da da daaaa....

and here's our fab captain again:

Oli takes a break:

Wheats scores on Oli (that'll teach him for relaxing :)):

Our last signing of the summer, from Kitchener Ontario, home of Mr Toddney Bertuzzi, looking like a cuter version of Russell Crowe, my new crush, Mr Jon Sitko:

Now you know my usual preference would be for defensively minded forwards (ya can't spell Kesler without Selke!), but I might have to make an exception for an offensively minded D-man who can pull a mean spinorama:

And doesn't he have a cute smile:


And here's me thinking I'd have nobody to crush on now that Tomas has gone - the hockey gods have smiled upon me :)

After the scrimmage we all retired to the local pub for a BBQ - luckily it was nice and sunny - first sunshine we've seen around these parts in a while (hockey gods working overtime....)

Connor was reunited with his hero of heroes, young Mr Richardson - look how happy Connor looks, I think he has missed the 'cats as much as I have:

And I got served some surprisingly tasty Quorn burgers by our Kitchener boy, in a very fetching pinny. I think that really did happen. Or maybe it was just one of those happy daydreams that starts off with Brad Pitt calling by for a cup of sugar :)

All in all, a good day, and I can't wait till Wednesday to see a proper game. The summer has been too long.


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Anonymous said...

They all look so yummy! Can't wait till next month.