Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Nothing like starting the season with a nailbiter!

I think I experienced every emotion known to mankind during tonight's hockey game :)

I went from excited to wary to fed up to hopeful through excited again and thoroughly entertained to absolutely ELATED when we equalised with 39 seconds on the clock.

I'm hoarse from shouting and so, so hyped for the new season :)

Laaaadiiiisssllllaaaaavvvvv made some brilliant judgement calls and made up for a couple of dodgy loking rebounds early in the first period to completely win me over.

Sitko is a beast.

Racek? hmmmm, not convinced yet. He seemed uneasy out there. Until he got that last minute goal in, anyway :) But then again Janak started off dodgy as hell and ended up pretty solid. Must be a Slovakian thing.

Wheats looked like he was having fun out there and had some great chances.

The Watts bros are very entertaining indeed.

Matty had some chances too.

And bad boy Fiddes took the first penalty of the season :) Tsk! hee hee

(vid courtesy of Rick - who by complete coincidence also shot the vid of the Kings/Ducks at the O2 last year with me in it :))

and another video just added from the game - fiesty Sitko having a little tussle - this was actually quite a sweet little fight, if a fight can be sweet :) At least the aftermath was, they were both chatting away in the sin bin and having a good giggle :)

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