Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Canada Day 14: Sunny Calgary

I like Calgary.

Vancouver was beautiful, but a tad on the yuppie side. It would be a great place to live if you were 25, one of the beautiful people and didn't have kids yet, but for a middle aged homebody like me, it is better as a holiday destination I reckon. (We will definitely be back - for a start, we didn't have time to do the Capilano suspension bridge, and there's the little matter of GM Place :))

Edmonton was cool for families, but I tell you that giant mall would do my head in if I lived there because Connor would want to go there ALL...... THE....... TIME!!!!!

But Calgary, admittedly it's difficult to judge on a couple of days, but I could see myself living there.

We went to the zoo today - excellent zoo - the animals all look well cared for and their enclosures are large and well put together - and whilst there I got a killer toothache. So we left the zoo for a while and walked over into a nearby residential area to find a drug store. It looked like a really nice place to live. People were walking around smiling (probably because of the weather), everyone was friendly, there were clean and well maintained playgrounds for the local children, the school looked nice, everywhere was so well cared for and tidy.

Just a pity that it would be totally impractical for me to emigrate, because it's so appealing....

Anyway, daydream over, back to the zoo :)

We got there just after it opened, and headed straight into the prehistoric exhibit. I am glad that we did, as we had the whole huge dinosaur park to ourselves, and it almost felt like we had gone back in time and were exploring some long lost landscape. (We went back again later when it was full of kids, and it really wasn't the same experience....)

Connor loved the dino park - he enjoyed the model dinosaurs more than the live animals in the rest of the zoo :)

Not that he didn't like the rest - the bears and gorillas were big hits, as was the hippo - but he just REALLY loved the dino bit :)

And I enjoyed taking piccies of the animals and birds with my pap lens, that was already on the camera ready for the big game later on... (next post)


Anam_Kihaku said...

glad you liked the zoo and the dinos and calgary :) your comments about the different places are very spot on...

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