Saturday, March 22, 2008

Canada Day 11 : rest and recuperation

After the full on madness that was West Ed Mall yesterday, we all needed a rest today.

I took Connor and Fay over to the local play park (literally 2 minutes walk from Anam's house), and also watched them play in the snow in the back garden, but that was the sum total of my exertion today :)

I also spent hours sorting out pics from Thursday night's Oilers game, I think between Anam and I we must have taken about 800 photos, that's a lot of photoshopping....

Talking of photoshopping, these playing in the snow pics have been high keyed to the max using Photoshop actions. Aren't they fab?? Look at the bark on that tree!

I need to further investigate the world of actions.....oh for more hours in the day.....

and on an entirely different note, I REALLY miss Ethan and Darby. and Kessie and Pan. Remind me to bring them all with me next time (not sure how I'd get the rats through customs, but I'll worry about that nearer the time....)

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