Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Greetings from Vancouver :)

Woohoo, we are finally here :)

(if the Canadian immigration man had had his way we would be half way back to London by now, but that's a whole other story - but just a word of caution for anyone reading this who have children with a different surname to yours - don't try to get into Canada!! Unless you have legal documentation to prove that you have full custody of the child. What a total palaver....)

Anyway, we did finally escape the clutches of the Taser carrying immigration officer, and emerged from the airport into glorious sunshine.

We got a (surprisingly cheap) cab to our lovely hotel, bought some (surprisingly expensive) groceries to stock up our little kitchen, took a walk up and down Robson, and have now retired to the hotel to play Nintendo (Connor) and blog (me), before we turn in.

Given that it is now coming up for 2am at home, Cons has lasted amazingly well. He didn't sleep at all on the plane.

The photos are 1) Greenland out of the plane window,
2) the Rockies, ditto
and 3) Connor completely ignoring the stunning scenery outside :)

Not sure yet what we are doing tomorrow, maybe some geocaching....right now all I want to do is sleep....

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Anam_Kihaku said...

ah crap girlie. i didnt know otherwise i would have told you :( sorry i assumed connor had your name.

vancouver is an expensive place :) see you ina few days.