Sunday, March 02, 2008

A to Z Journal - D is for DNA

I'm up to date with the A to Z journal for the first (and probably last) time - yay!!

My D page is for DNA - and very appropriate for Mother's Day - as it's about my three boys, and how they will, hopefully, carry my genes forward to the next generation.

Background is gesso and paints over stamped cardstock. The handpainted squiggle is supposed to be a DNA double helix (I know it looks nothing like one, but hey, art doesn't have to be perfect lol).

The boys are printed onto transparency and stuck on via the magic of Xyron.

That's about it, nice simple one this week.


Monika said...

Love your DNA page. Methinks you have inspired me to start an A-Z journal. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

hi there just found your blog. Do you go to a crop anywhere in your area? I am looking for a craft group to join up with. I am a begginer at scrap booking. So would love to see people at work.

Flo said...


there are a couple of crops in Swindon - I can recommend the one that meets once a month at the Madison hotel near Toys R Us.

you will find all the details you need on - a search on "Swindon crop" should do it

have fun :)