Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Canada Day 7: last full day in Vancouver, sob

Well, we were blessed with GLORIOUS weather for our last day in BC, and so I thought we should do a spot of geocaching, after our obligatory daily visit to the fair and polite hassle from the local beggars - all of whom could tell I was a soft touch from a thousand paces :)

So off down Granville Street we trotted, blindly following the little arrow on my GPS, only to come to a slight dead end when we reached False Creek :)

Turned out the cache was on the other bank of a very wide body of water, oops!

And we didn't have our swimming gear, so we took a ferry over to Granville Island - which was nowhere near where we needed to go, but at least it was on the right side of the creek.

We had the boat all to ourselves, so I did a bit of filming (Steven Spielberg eat your heart out):

(isn't Vancouver beautiful)

We had lunch on Granville Island, and then Cons played for a couple of hours in the kids market, while I talked to a lovely little old lady who has lived in Vancouver all her life, and who gave me a potted history of the last 60 odd years, with particular emphasis on the various waves of immigration which she had endless opinions on....

Then it was a lovely walk along the waterfront for a mile or so to the cache. Connor found another playground near a lovely little residential area, where I am retiring to if I get half a chance....check out this panorama....this is 3 minutes walk from the houses.....

What a wonderful place to live!

We found the cache just a little past here, and then walked on another mile to the Stamps Landing ferry dock, where we flukily just caught the last ferry of the day.

Then it was back to Yaletown, and another long walk home, via the fair again.

We were EXHAUSTED by the time we got back to the hotel. I was supposed to pack, but I chose sleep instead :)

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Hey you...had to come by and wish you a Happy Easter. I just noticed you have a different profile pic...great pic.

Happy Easter!