Monday, March 10, 2008

I will miss my paints when I am away...

...I wonder if I should take a few art supplies with me???

hmmmmm..... I'll see if there's any room in the case....

In the meantime, here is the last thing I'll make for a while, maybe :)

This is another entry in the UKS (I think, losing track) stampers' CJ.

I know it's Efemera's journal, and I love the gothic arch shaped pages and the funky Zetti stamp she chose:

It's a pity I had to chop off the cool headgear, but I wanted to go for the obvious on this one and go "goth" on the gothic arches, especially as nobody before me had, and I don't know that many goths who wear stripy turbans, do you??

This is one of those pieces that's impossible to photograph. So I'll have to describe it to you.

The background is made from scrunched up black tissue paper stuck over purple card with PVA glue, left to thoroughly dry and then lightly swiped over with interference paints in red and violet.

A B-Line wrought iron railings stamp was used at the top of each arch in silver, to define the shape a bit.

The letters at the bottom were really good fun to do - I cut up an old gothic script plastic stencil, that I had picked up at a boot sale about 3 years ago for 10p and never used, and made the 3D letters using moulding paste.

Once dry, I painted on and around them with crimson paint, and then highlighted them with blue patina perfect pearls.

What else? Oh yes, the goth lady herself (at least I think it's a lady, kinda hard to tell). She was simply stamped with black Stazon onto white copy paper, and cold laminated. Then I stuck her on and painted her hair freehand with black acrylics.

I really enjoyed making these pages, and I bet the book will look fabulous once it has been completed and bound, lucky Ef!

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