Friday, March 14, 2008

Our little home from home

Blogs are funny old things.

I am quite certain that nobody "out there" is in the slightest bit interested in what our hotel suite looks like, but on the other hand I use this thing pretty much as an online diary, and it will be nice for Connor to look back on in time.

And he loooooooves this hotel - in fact he wants to move in.

So I guess I had better record it for prosperity :)

The best thing about the hotel for me is the signed Naslund jersey in the hotel bar :) But that's for the next blog post....

As for the last pic, Connor took that one of me blogging at my little desk here, and I wasn't going to use it, but I quite like it :) Rare I get a pic of me I don't hate, so I'm keeping that one :D

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looking GOOOOOD Sarah!

Nik x