Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Woot - can anyone say kerrrrrrrrrlutch??????

Game tying goal less than 3 minutes from the end of regulation

Game winning goal 46 seconds into overtime

Only beaten to the first star by the lovely Dan Cloutier - Sylvain's bro and beloved ex Canuck - who took a hammering in goal all night


and thank god we managed to avoid a clean sweep against by the Kings, that would have been kind of embarassing....

Oh, and while I'm catching up with Kespics - nice to see Ryan taking his helmet off when Barret Jackman asked nicely :D

and a gorgeous pic of Kes and Lou from the same game (Nux vs Blues 9:3:08)

Right - now I REALLY need to STOP blogging and START packing!!!!

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